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Toppers of the University
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Sales Intelligent Assistant

Hey ! I’m your Sales Intelligent Assistant. I am well equipped with all the information your sales team needs. My alerting mechanism has amplified sales productivity.
Hi ! I’m a new member of the IT support team helping colleagues with support requests and quick resolutions. I’m available 24 x 7 and a tireless member armed with insights. I can shake hands perfectly with ServiceNow, FreshDesk, JIRA, etc.


A true member of your IT Team

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An award winning Intranet Bot

Hey! I’m your SharePoint Intranet Bot. I am the perfect adoption driver to your Intranet. You can create a personalised, conversation driven and powerful interface to your Intranet.
Our New Joinees
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Legal BOT

Hi ! I help your legal teams with eDiscovery, case related info and other areas and amplified team performance.

b2b bot


B2B Service Bot

 Hi ! I’m a B2B service Bot. I’m well trained in a variety of scenarios to improve your customer/ partner satisfaction and retention in your customer service function.

Office 365 BOT

Buddy 365

A Personalized Office 365 adoption bot

 HI! I’m Buddy 365. An AI chatbot that helps Office 365 adoption by personalising the experience for each user.