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With Smart Sales Bot

Introducing SIA

♦ Sales Intelligent Assistant ♦
♦ Tireless member of the Sales Team ♦
♦ Access accurate timely data at all times ♦
♦ Deliver memorable sales experience with a Smart BOT ♦
 ♦ Virtual assistant powering Sales Interactions on the move ♦
♦ Stay focused on sales and let SIA update all your sales tasks instantly ♦
Top-performing sales organisations tend to spend far more of their time on customer-facing front-line sales activities rather than recording sales activities and processes. Information about past interactions act critical in making futuristic decisions related to same or similar kind of organisations.  Availability of this in the CRM is often a missed piece in the game of Sales, which actually is a clear differentiator. Imagine a sales assistant doing this job for the sales team!
You can’t bring the big deals home without getting into the deep waters where the big fish swim. So, let SIA assist you in diving the deep waters.
    • Create friction-less sales journeys using conversational interface


    • Salesperson can ask any question related to their key KPI’s or past interactions or maybe some CRM data on the move and that too 24 x 7


    • Send real time alerts to an individual sales person when they fail to attain accepted value and needs immediate attention

Better CRM Usage

Accurate Sales Data

Increased ROI

Natural Language Processing

Integrate it with your existing sales systems like Salesforce, Marketo,etc and let SIA act as your single point of contact (SPOC).  Our Bot Core capabilities enables you to customize and train SIA ( Sales BOT) as per your work rules and demands.

Expedite speed-to-market with SIA