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Imagine having the power to harness every data point in your business ecosystem, transforming it into predictive insights that drive autonomous decision-making and operational efficiency. With Acuvate Business Services, we bring this vision to life by leveraging extensive data, analytics, and Artificial Intelligence to drive comprehensive digital transformation in the Energy and Manufacturing industries.  

Our services encompass Predictive Maintenance using AI and ML to anticipate equipment failures, real-time Quality Control through AI-Machine Vision, and enhanced operational efficiency via advanced robotics and AI-driven monitoring systems. From ensuring safety with AI in HSSE to streamlining decision-making through Gen AI-powered interfaces, Acuvate offers tailored solutions that transform vast amounts of data into actionable intelligence and strategic advantage. Whether optimizing current operations or pioneering new digital frontiers. 

Acuvate empowers your business to harness the full potential of your data assets, turning everyday information into a powerful driver of innovation and growth, unlocking new opportunities for innovation and revenue generation. 

Our USPs

Custom Solutions

Each solution is meticulously designed to address the specific needs and challenges of your business.

Innovative Approach

We utilize the latest technologies to keep your business ahead of the curve. 

Comprehensive Support

From strategy formulation to deployment and maintenance, we provide end-to-end support.

Our Data Services

Predictive Maintenance

What we do

Using Timeseries and ERP data, along with AI – Machine Learning (ML) based models, we predict days in advance that critical components such as engines, turbines, compressors, pumps, and valves are expected to fail. This foresight allows time for maintenance to replace the potential failing component before it actually breaks down. 

Training these models involves a one-off effort, requiring input from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to understand equipment behavior accurately. 

Why It's Essential for your Business

Implementing Predictive Maintenance significantly boosts the availability of your production assets, particularly in critical sectors like Oil & Gas. By reducing the downtime needed for unscheduled repairs, we focus on preemptive maintenance that keeps your operations running smoothly and enhances your output—like increasing barrels of oil, which directly translates to higher revenue. 
This proactive approach not only solidifies the operational efficiency but also presents a compelling business case for leveraging AI and ML technologies right from the start of your digital transformation journey. 


What we do

We employ AI-Machine Vision (AI-MV) and AI-Machine Learning (AI-ML) to analyze data from cameras and other sources, identifying potential safety hazards in real-time. This technology enables proactive safety measures such as PPE monitoring, zone protection, and the prevention of unsafe practices around hazardous operations. AI-MV can act immediately on these insights, often without manual intervention. 

Why It's Essential for your Business

By detecting safety issues early, our systems prevent incidents before they pose a risk to staff, ensuring a safer and healthier working environment. This early intervention enhances overall workplace safety and staff well-being, crucial for maintaining high productivity and compliance with safety standards. 

End to End Operations optimization with Gen AI solutions

What we do

We utilize a comprehensive suite of AI-Machine Vision (AI-MV) technologies using cameras in fixed positions, CCTV, drones, and robots to monitor facilities for any leakages, spillages, or emissions. Immediate alerts are communicated through emails, dashboards, or digital twins, enabling quick responses. For decisions that require split-second timing, the Acuvate Edge Platform facilitates near real-time AI-driven decision-making. Additionally, autonomous robots are deployed for carrying out inspections in remote or unmanned locations, which are further enhanced by the use of the 5G network for its low latency and high throughput capabilities. 

Why It's Essential for your Business

Our operations technology enables early detection of issues, minimizing potential damage and operational threats. This proactive approach helps maintain high levels of availability and productivity. With sophisticated AI technologies, we are able to predict upcoming asset failures and provide operations and maintenance teams with detailed insights and advice on potential causes, helping them address issues swiftly. This support extends to updating all related asset documentation in real-time. 

Furthermore, the integration of Generative AI streamlines workflows across Operations, Engineering, and Maintenance into a single user interface, enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime. Our adherence to Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) standards enables precise measurement and optimization of manufacturing productivity. Regular collection and analysis of data from all critical components help refine production settings, leveraging Gen AI to incorporate both current innovations and historical insights. This not only boosts operational efficiency but also elevates production levels, driving significant revenue growth. 

Quality Control

What we do

We utilize advanced AI-Machine Vision (MV) technology to enhance quality control on your production lines. Our cameras and AI systems are specifically designed to detect even the smallest errors in product labeling, packaging damage, incorrect language use, or leakage. This real-time error detection is supported by edge driven MV facilities that enable the immediate removal of faulty products from the line, ensuring that only perfect items reach your customers. 

To achieve this level of precision, our AI-MV systems are meticulously trained to recognize specific packaging types across a broad spectrum of products. This training ensures our technology can adapt and respond accurately to diverse product lines. 

Why It's Essential for your Business

Our AI-driven quality control system significantly enhances product quality by spotting and addressing issues as they occur, without slowing down production. This real-time intervention not only maintains high quality but also prevents the costly process of recalling faulty products after they’ve been shipped. 

Better quality control translates directly into better overall product quality, enhancing your brand’s reputation and customer satisfaction. With Acuvate’s advanced AI-MV, you can maintain high production throughput while ensuring the highest standards of quality—keeping your operations efficient and your products exceptional. 

Professional Interface- GenAI Digital Twin, Copilot

What we do

Our Professional Interface leverages Generative AI (Gen AI) to simplify how staff members manage and access large volumes of technical information from various sources. This system uses natural language processing, enabling users to interact with it in their everyday language to receive precise answers and relevant background information. It is adaptable to multiple roles, providing custom information delivery via simple dashboards, detailed reports, or a Digital Twin that offers 3D visualization of your facilities with live data streams. This integration ensures all users have the most current view of operations. 

Why It's Essential for your Business

The Professional Interface is crucial for efficient decision-making and optimal use of staffing resources, ensuring quick and accurate access to necessary information. This efficiency reduces the time spent searching for information and allows staff to focus more on strategic tasks, increasing productivity and fostering a more agile and responsive workforce. 

Modern Business Applications

What we do

We provide the tools for you to develop your own modern business applications using the Acuvate Data Platform and Acuvate Edge digital platform. These powerful base facilities streamline the process, eliminating the need for extensive infrastructure development. Simply define your application needs, and our platforms offer the flexibility and support necessary to create distinct, tailored applications that drive your business forward. 

Why It's Essential for your Business

Leveraging our platforms allows you to focus on maximizing business differentiation and operational efficiency. The value you gain is directly linked to the custom applications you create, ensuring that solutions are not only tailored to your specific needs but also fully optimized for maximum impact. 

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As a global player in next-generation digital solutions and services, we help organizations unlock the full potential of their data. Our expertise lies in optimizing data usage to drive insights, build AI solutions, streamline operations, and deliver meaningful outcomes. 


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