Acuvate Edge Platform: Real-Time AI Solutions for Enhanced Business Operations Admin May 8, 2024

Making Your Operations Real-Time Ready with the
Acuvate Edge Platform

Supporting  real-time implementations of AI-ML and AI-MV.

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Harnessing the Edge: Advanced AI Solutions for Next-Generation Enterprises

Acuvate Edge Platform is a pioneering solution tailored for high-throughput and low-latency needs, ideal for real-time business operations. Our platform stands out by being hardware-independent and adaptable, suitable for any environment from the edge to the cloud, underpinned by our robust EdgeX Foundry architecture.

Key USPs include

Flexibility and Scalability

Depending on demand adapts to various hardware and software setups. 

Advanced Connectivity

Supports various ways of connecting to sensors, data sources, etc.

Acuvate Edge Platform Capabilities

Hardware and OS Independence

The platform is offered in two hardware flavors, Dell and Edge, and is fundamentally open-source and hardware-independent. It supports various hardware setups including x86, ARM, and GPU, and operates across multiple operating systems like Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

Flexible Distribution and Deployment

EdgeX Foundry is platform-agnostic, facilitating the distribution of functionality through microservices at the edge, on a gateway, in the fog, and on cloud environments. It supports diverse deployment and orchestration options such as Docker, Snaps, Kubernetes, or custom solutions.

Extreme Flexibility

EdgeX Foundry allows for high flexibility where any part of the platform can be upgraded, replaced, or augmented by other microservices software components. Services are designed to scale up and down based on device capability and specific use cases.

Store and Forward Capability

The platform provides for store and forward capabilities to support disconnected or remote edge systems and to handle intermittent connectivity, ensuring continuous operation and data integrity.

Intelligence at the Edge

EdgeX Foundry supports and facilitates moving "intelligence" closer to the edge to address actuation latency concerns, manage bandwidth and storage efficiently, and operate effectively in remote conditions.

Use Cases


Quality Control:

AI-Machine Vision on the platform identifies and removes faulty production line components in real-time.


Power Line Inspection

Utilizes drones for real-time image processing to detect and address infrastructure damage.


Energy Offshore Production

Facilitates automation on oil and gas platforms, enhancing safety and efficiency.


Refinery Operator Rounds

Employs robots to detect and act upon leakages and emissions instantly.

Acuvate Edge Platform Architecture



Redhat Linux

The platform is built on this reliable and secure open-source operating system, ensuring stability and flexibility across various computing environments.


EdgeX Foundry

A versatile open-source platform that forms the core of our edge solution, offering robust connectivity and management capabilities for a wide array of devices and data flows.


Device and Data Management

Incorporates comprehensive tools for connecting with and managing an extensive range of devices, from IoT sensors to complex machinery, through universal protocols like Modbus, BACnet, MQTT, and SNMP.


Advanced Processing Services

Features powerful core services that manage data storage, command execution, and service communication, enhancing operational efficiency and data integrity.


Intelligent Automation

Includes a rule engine for complex data processing and a scheduler for automating tasks, enabling sophisticated operational workflows directly at the edge.


Application Services

Provides both pre-built and customizable application services that allow for rapid deployment and tailored solution development, ensuring that the platform meets specific business needs.

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Our platform integrates seamlessly with existing company components, enhancing data source and tooling compatibility.


Operational support

Post-installation, we provide comprehensive support and management services to maintain high performance and reliability, all backed by our service level agreements (SLA). 

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