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Data is the lifeblood of the digital era. Becoming data-driven begins with setting your foundation right. To harness the full potential of data, you need a robust data foundation. Acuvate Data Services focuses on three key areas to ensure your data works for you:

Understanding Your Data

First, we assess the data you have and identify what you need to develop or acquire. This step is crucial for laying a solid foundation and driving data-based insights

Organizing Your Data

Once we understand and secure the right data, we streamline and organize it using advanced technologies like cloud solutions and data lakes. During this phase, we emphasize data contextualization, aligning data from various sources to ensure it accurately reflects its real-world application and relevance

Building Trust in Your Data

Your data needs to be transparent and secure. We implement rigorous data governance, quality control, and data cleansing processes to ensure the integrity and reliability of your data

For years, Acuvate has been at the forefront of helping organizations analyse and trust their information with advanced data management techniques. Leveraging this experience, we collaborate with you to develop a tailored data and analytics strategy, assemble the right team to execute this strategy, and foster a data-driven culture within your organization

Our Data Handling Capabilities

Data Cleansing

Acuvate provides comprehensive data cleansing services that enhance the accuracy, reliability, and usability of your business data. Our expert team employs a systematic approach to cleanse your data, ensuring it adheres to the highest standards of validity, accuracy, completeness, consistency, and uniformity. Data cleansing (also data cleaning) is an essential and active part of data quality management and describes the process of correcting erroneous, inaccurate, redundant, and damaged data in data sets. Data is partly removed, partly corrected, or supplemented.

How will it benefit your enterprise?

Data cleansing is crucial for maintaining high-quality data, which is the foundation for generating accurate insights and analysis. Clean data ensures:

Improved Decision Making

Clean data leads to quality insights, enhancing decision-making processes throughout the organization.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Streamlined and accurate data sets enable efficient algorithm performance, saving time and computational resources.

Master Data Management

Acuvate provides Master Data Management services to create a consistent and reliable data foundation across your organization. This includes integrating data from various sources to establish a single, unified view that enhances data quality, governance, and profiling. 

Acuvate's Core Service Areas

The following are two core areas for which Acuvate provides Master Data Management Services:

Customer Master Data Management (CMDM)

CMDM establishes a unified, accurate, and persistent set of identifiers and attributes for each customer, facilitating the integration of customer information across various organizational silos and business processes. By continuously integrating data from diverse sources, it effectively tracks the customer journey from lead to sale to after-sale service.

Asset Master Data Management (AMDM)

AMDM enables businesses to centralize and enhance the accuracy of their physical asset information, increasing efficiency in purchasing, distribution, and inventory management. This prevents inefficiencies and reduces costs associated with asset duplication and underutilization. This reduces costs from asset duplication and underutilization, improving asset performance and ROI.

Acuvate’s Key Services for Master Data Management

How will it benefit your enterprise?

Data cleansing is crucial for maintaining high-quality data, which is the foundation for generating accurate insights and analysis. Clean data ensures:

Strategic Data Integration

MDM centralizes and standardizes master and reference data across all systems, enhancing data accuracy and usability, which enables more informed decision-making and a stronger competitive position.

Data Governance and Security

MDM strengthens data security, ensures compliance, and shifts your organization from reactive to strategic data management, empowering users to maintain their data confidently and securely.

Data Contextualization

Data contextualization involves uncovering relationships within diverse datasets, transforming raw data into actionable knowledge suitable for a data-driven, AI-enhanced environment. This process not only helps identify significant relationships across various data types, individuals, locations, and objects but also accelerates the extraction of tangible.

How will it benefit your enterprise?

Data cleansing is crucial for maintaining high-quality data, which is the foundation for generating accurate insights and analysis. Clean data ensures:

Immediate Business Value and Time Savings

Contextualized data provides actionable insights that speed up decision-making processes and enhance operational efficiency, delivering immediate value to business operations.

Empowerment of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

By providing SMEs with access to contextualized data, they can make more confident and independent decisions, improving the overall effectiveness of operational strategies.

Enhanced Predictive Maintenance

Analysing contextualized data from sensors and equipment allows for early identification of potential equipment failures, significantly reducing downtime and associated maintenance costs.

Improved Asset Performance and Reliability

Contextualized data enables organizations to optimize asset utilization, extend asset lifespan, and minimize operational risks by providing insights into performance and maintenance needs.

Better Risk Management and Compliance

Contextualizing data related to safety incidents and regulatory requirements helps organizations more effectively identify and mitigate risks, ensuring compliance and enhancing workplace safety.

Use Cases


Data Governance

Data Governance with MS Purview


Data Analytics

Data Integration services, Data Cleansing, Master Data Management, Data Contextualization, Data Analytics Services.

Technologies Used

Acuvate provides data handling services by using various open-source technologies and proprietary components. Some key tools include:


Acuvate’s Data Platform

The Acuvate Data Platform is targeted as an Enterprise Data Platform and that means that it can scale and handle all data In volume and types) of an Enterprise (from small to large). It is supported on various Cloud flavours and On Premise since normally it is installed as part of the (Cloud / On Premise) infrastructure of the customer.


Microsoft Purview

Microsoft Purview is a unified data governance service that helps organizations manage and govern their data across on-premises, cloud, and SaaS (Software as a Service) sources. It provides a comprehensive understanding of your data, including where it resides, how it’s used, and its sensitivity.


Profisee’s tool for Master Data Management solution

Profisee provides a powerful Master Data Management (MDM) solution designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Available in any cloud, on-premises, or as a turn-key SaaS managed service, Profisee offers true multidomain functionality, allowing organizations to manage any data type or use case effectively.

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