Explore Our Entire Portfolio Of AI-Driven IT Operations

    Acuvate’s AI-driven managed services (AiDMS) is helping CIOs reduce organizations service desk costs, optimize cloud spending and automate and enhance IT operations through analytics and machine learning (ML).


    L0 IT Helpdesk Virtual Agent
    Server Monitoring
    Log-stream Monitoring
    Application Monitoring
    Availability & Performance Monitoring
    Intelligent Alerts & Incident Reporting
    Service Desk Automation


    Security & Compliance
    User Training
    Office 365 Governance
    Access Control
    Network Load Balancing
    Virtual Machine Management
    Usage & Billing Reports
    Auto Healing And Scaling
    Azure AD Maintenance
    Firewall Management
    Availability & Uptime

    Learning & Prediction

    Updates & Rollouts
    Proactive Optimization
    Real-time Analytics
    False Alert Suppression
    Incident Prediction
    Problem Prediction

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