Seize the Day: My Journey of Growth @Acuvate Admin January 28, 2022
Working at Acuvate reminds me of a quote by Benjamin Franklin – “Tell me, and I forget, teach me, and I may remember, involve me, and I learn.” Acuvate is not just an organization with many accolades. It is a platform for continuous learning. After spending 5+ years at this company, I wouldn’t say anything otherwise. Success comes only to those who persevere and evolve, and the Acuvate approach is proof of that. Everyone at Acuvate has been my friend and my mentor who helped me become the person I am today through thick and thin.

Grow Strong, Grow Together

I joined Acuvate in 2016 as a Software Developer, a fresh graduate with no prior work experience, looking forward to creating my own path. Today, I stand before you as a System Analyst with expertise in multiple domains and a handful of successful projects under my name. The journey was made possible only because of my peers’ continuous support and the trust entrusted to me by many leaders. Look at the keyword- ‘many.’ The Leadership culture at Acuvate focuses on grooming young talent and nudging them in the right direction. At Acuvate, you are tailored to not only lead but to lead by example.

Ready to Experiment

I often tell my friends and newbies, if you’re looking for an organization to explore your potential to the maximum, Acuvate is your destination. As a place of learning, Acuvate not only allows you to explore and realize your potential but also in delivering the best outcomes. Our customers’ expectations are always very high from an organization of excellence that provides top-quality products. Sometimes, you might burn out or feel overworked. And that is where your fellow employees across all verticals step in, providing you with continuous support and becoming your moral backbone. Accessible leadership coupled with quality work have been the key pointers in my happy journey with Acuvate.

Quality Leadership, Quality Product

Instilling confidence within each employee is at the heart of the Acuvate approach. As the company grew in the last decade, so did every person at Acuvate. When the company was transitioning from a 300 to 400 employees, all of us were encouraged to experiment with new ideas and implement new processes, as opportunities for growth continuously kept opening up. At Acuvate, you never stop learning. Our mentors and leaders brought in all the help to ensure we were getting due exposure to increase our business acumen. What sets Acuvate apart is that over here, learning is not just a process but a continuous experience, with each of us leaving an indelible mark on our growth journey. As leaders of tomorrow, we not only focus on developing our scope in innovation but also on the innate growth of our most important asset- our people. 

Now, before you go...

Exploring new avenues and fostering a learning culture will always be at the heart of the Acuvate approach. And, as we step into newer markets and domains, looking at becoming the Global AI leaders of tomorrow, we will continue to value our most important asset- our people. After all, the Acuvate experience goes beyond tangible perks. It is a process of learning together and growing together.

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Hari Govind

Hari Govind is a System Analytics, specializing in Digital Transformation and Intelligent Systems using AI and Collaborative Application platforms. Has worked with Customers across the globe to deliver Solutions and Consulting services. Currently focusing on Technical Pre-Sales for Process Modernization and Collaborative Applications for North America Zone.