Living the Dream: My Journey with Acuvate Admin March 14, 2022

The future belongs to those who believe In the beauty of their dreams.

This quote by Eleanor Roosevelt succinctly encapsulates what I have realized through my journey with Acuvate.

A Passionate Beginning

My journey with Acuvate began five years ago with a simple dream of pursuing my passion. Towards the end of my postgrad, while I was job hunting, the Project Coordinator job description by Acuvate caught my eye. Acuvate, at the time, was a small company with 150 employees, but this was an area of my interest. And this is why I chose Acuvate over two attractive offers, one from an Indian conglomerate and another from a Thailand-based food MNC.

To date, I don’t regret the decision to join Acuvate as I love what I do here.

Acuvate has not only nurtured my passion it has also empowered me to dream bigger. Acuvate has enabled me to discover capabilities I never knew existed, envision dreams beyond my imagination and run full throttle towards them.

Growing Together from Dream to Reality

However, Acuvate is not just about dreaming- it’s also about the will and capability to make that dream a reality.

A few years ago, our CEO Rakesh Reddy shared Acuvate’s vision to be a leader in the chatbot and conversational AI space. Today this dream is coming true before my very eyes as Acuvate has grown exponentially to become a leader in the AI solutions space in the last five years. You can say the vision has come true.

It is important to note that this growth is a collective one. The company’s progress has been closely aligned with the employees’ progress. Thus, as Acuvate has evolved, I also have grown in my skills and experience. Though I joined as a Project Coordinator, in a span of a few years, I have experienced a range of roles like project manager, business analyst, platform manager, and more. This is a rare thing as I know from my classmates that most people cannot get this kind of exposure in other companies.       

From Manager to Leader- The Acuvate Way

It isn’t just my skills that have improved; I have transformed inside out.

For example, when I initially joined the AI practice, I was quite overwhelmed. So, I went to my then delivery manager to inquire what my responsibility was. He simply replied, “we don’t’ hire people to tell them what their responsibility is. We hire people so they can tell us what action they can take to make something better.” It struck a chord. These words triggered a shift within me. And the question “what can I do to make this better!” continues to drive me to give my best every day.

Acuvate cultivates Leaders, not just managers.

And this is why, today, I lead the Conversational User Experience space in the company when I was a confused and bewildered novice just five years back.

At Acuvate, the focus isn’t only about tech innovation but about how to innovate yourself. This equips one to move from a managerial mindset and step into a leadership mindset. It’s a total evolution of self.

Living the Dream

I feel privileged that at work, I am surrounded by people who inspire and show me that even reaching for the stars is possible. For instance, I know a colleague who joined Acuvate as a software engineer trainee, but today is a delivery manager reporting directly to the COO. And this is within just 11 years.

The culture at Acuvate constantly pushes me to expand my horizons, reach higher and be bolder. As a world-famous rock singer once sang:

“Dream on, dream on, dream until the dream comes true.”

And at Acuvate, I am absolutely living my dream.

About Cinu Clement

Cinu Clement

Cinu Clement

Cinu Clement is a Business Analyst at Acuvate. He is also a Subject Matter Expert(SME) in Conversational User Experience (CUX) and NLP (Natural Language Processing). He has consulted customers worldwide who looks upto him for his expertise in the conversational AI space. Currently he is managing a Chatbot roll out platform for one of the world’s largest FMCG company, helping them build and manage Chatbots at scale.