Never Outdated Always Updated The Acuvate Experience Admin May 6, 2022

Never outdated, always updated.

A phrase that perfectly captures my experience at Acuvate.

But when I apply the word ‘updated’ to Acuvate, it doesn’t only mean having access to the latest cutting-edge technology in the market (which the company does). It stands for much more than that.

Being Updated: The Only Choice

I have always had access to the latest technology at Acuvate. This is because of the company’s strong emphasis on learning and innovation. Whenever a new technology appears on the market, within a month, we will start using it at Acuvate. So, our skills and knowledge are always in sync with the emerging technologies in the market.

This makes Acuvate stand out from other companies, for me. I have heard that many companies are still working with technology I used in Acuvate during 2018-19. 

Thus, I can proudly say as Acuvators; we are always updated and never outdated. 

Challenge As Opportunity: The Way of Growth

I joined Acuvate in 2018 with about three years of experience under my belt. I have experienced a sharp upward shift in my growth trajectory since I joined Acuvate. The company’s focus on working with the newest technology isn’t the only reason for this rapid upgrade in my skills and knowledge. The challenging projects I was given from the get-go have also played a significant role.

For the very first project itself I had to work with a demanding client, who assigned me a challenging task to complete. Initially though I found it tough to handle, I not only completed it but also earned the appreciation form the client. This pattern continued in the second and third projects I was given. I was handed difficult clients and projects, but I managed to turn the situation around and win their trust and appreciation each time.

Once I got overwhelmed and asked my manager, why he always assigned me challenging projects. He said “because I know you can do it”. This confidence helped me to keep going on and solving difficult issues.

In the end these challenging projects transformed into opportunities, becoming my springboard, catapulting me to faster and greater growth.

Beyond Skills

Besides the improvement in my skill set, working through tough circumstances brought with it another unexpected but welcome bonus. It instilled in me the confidence that I can enter challenging situations and come out victorious.

So, it is apt to say that my journey with Acuvate gave me more than an up-gradation in my skills and knowledge. It allowed me a chance to update myself into a better version- the Rasik 2.0 model. 

Recognizing and Nurturing Talent

We can often be blind to our potential, and it takes someone seeing it before we can. I feel very grateful that at Acuvate, my seniors recognized and nurtured my talents. Whenever I needed help, guidance, or a nudge, my seniors always stepped up and supported me. Especially when I had moments of doubt about whether I could pull off a task, my manager would always say, “I know you can do it.” This confidence in me translated into self-confidence that I can complete even complex projects successfully. 

In my view, this is possible because, at Acuvate, the interactions do not happen within a rigid senior-junior framework. Here we are like a family.

And today, I have come full circle. 

Just as I received support from my seniors, now I try to create a family-like environment when engaging with juniors and teammates. We work actively to build an ecosystem where we support each other and the company as we move forward on this journey together.

About Rasik Chauhan

Rasik Chauhan

Rasik Chauhan is a System Analyst at Acuvate. He is a Subject Matter Expert(SME) in Business Intelligence and Data Analysis .He has consulted customers worldwide who looks up to him for his experience in the Data Mart and Data Analysis. He has trained many of the freshers in Acuvate and helping and managing them to grow in their careers. Currently he is managing the Data Mart team for Bajaj FinServ Limited – an Indian non-banking financial services company, helping them build and manage their financial applications.