As an FMCG company, can you relate to these challenges?

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  • Am I getting the right ROI for my marketing spend?
  • Am I missing any new segments or opportunity which can yield good results?
  • How can I optimize the spend on each brand based on the BCG Matrix?
  • What is the right product mix for my store?
  • Which promotional activities are getting me the best results?
  • How can I increase sales by improving operational efficiencies?
  • What is my lost opportunity of sales?
  • Is my shelf space expenditure giving me the right ROI?
  • How can I forecast my sales better?
A report by Nielsen reveals that 30% of marketing spend does not pay off. Yet another article by HBR states that 55% of sales promotions are ineffective.
A major concern for C-level executives right now is improving the ROI on their sales and marketing spend, which will subsequently increase their topline and operating profit. This is where cloud and artificial intelligence have a crucial role to play.

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Glimpse of what we’ll be discussing

  • How Data Science and AI enabled Business Intelligence solution for FMCG companies can solve challenges across Sales, Marketing & IT

  • How you can identify new product segments, run the right promotions, search and provide relevant content quickly

  • Create dashboards that serve as your one stop shop for all your revenue, cost and time analytics

Why attend?

This event brings together some of the digital leaders and CxOs to network and share their knowledge and experience with a peer group audience in a half-day event format. An intriguing talk, followed by a thought provoking Q&A session and networking with some of the best minds – all packed in 3 hours.

When & Where?

Date: Wednesday, 1st November 2017
Time: 2:00PM GMT to 5:00PM GMT
Venue: The May Fair Hotel, London

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