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WAVE: Helping you capture the brightest
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About Wave

A SharePoint Based Idea Management Tool

Ideas are the lifeblood of business. Capture Every Fleeting Idea And Drive For Change. – Richard Branson

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The brightest ideas come right from your employees!

Allow them to contribute to your organization’s growth. Wave is one of the best idea management software which helps you discover the best ideas for your workforce and drives employee engagement and collaboration. It’s unique crowdsourcing features like idea upvoting, commenting and reviewing filter and capture only the finest ideas.

How Wave Works
Key Differentiators
Ideate and Collaborate

Capture, Evaluate, Prioritize and Distill the brightest ideas with crowdsourcing features.

Reporting and Analytics

Powerful dashboards and reports to help you track idea status, count and measure the performance.


Engage and encourage your employees to contribute with rewards, points, badges and many more.

Hasslefree Integration

The tool can be integrated into mobile, social channels, and cloud environment.

Solutions for Business Challenges

Set multiple business challenges and get productive ideas for new initiatives.

World’s Top Idea Management Tool

ROI You Can Expect
  • Solve business challenges efficiently
  • Generate fresh ideas
  • Understand employee pain points across departments, hierarchies, and locations.
  • Create a culture of innovation
  • Quick Idea Validation
  • Strengthen bond with employees
  • Insight-driven problem solving
  • Save time and costs



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Consumer Goods Legal Healthcare Education
Oil and Gas Finance and Banking Government NGOs
Construction Media Aerospace IT



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