Insurance Analytics

Mitigate risk and increase your market share

State Street survey conducted in 2013 found that 82% insurers feels their leadership sees analytics as high or most important strategic priority.

About Solution

Insurance is one of the top 5 technology spending industries in the world. The most common challenges faced are data explosion, change in business approach from Risk absorption to risk mitigation, increasing insurance frauds and multiple data sources.

With the advent of analytics, insurers are able to make better decisions based on hard facts than intuitions. But the challenge of analyzing multiple data sources still remains a pain point .

Acuvate’s Insurance Analytics solution helps combine data from multiple data sources like Policy Administration Software, Billing Software, Claim Management and Distribution Management System to give you an integrated dashboard with a wide range of capabilities.

Integrated Dashboards

power bi Insurance Analytics
Insurance Analytics Dashboards


Compare Revenue vs Claims Paid across Policy Categories and drill down to a particular policy which needs to be tweaked to improve the Loss Ratio.
Monitor Revenue vs Target understand the revenue breakup by Channel, Location, Category, Customer Demographics to identify areas of Improvement to increase revenue.
Monitor the processing time across policies and processing centers to improve better customer satisfaction.
Ask Natural Language Questions like “Show Revenue by Location for Year 2015 as Map”
Ability to combine data with Market Research data.
Self Service BI to build Own Dashboards or combine with other data.
Dashboards on Mobile
In Memory Analytics



Suitable for

Return On Investment

Better Risk Assessment

Real Time Data Monitoring

Reduce Loss Ratio

Increase Operational Efficiency

Increase Market Penetration


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