Mesh is a unified intranet platform for all your digital operations and achieve greater organisational efficiency.

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Mesh provides you a comprehensive package of digital workplace solutions to revamp your communication and collaboration models.

Businesses mostly comprise several functions and many departments even work in silos. All these entities often have multiple channels of communication and collaboration. This sometimes creates a big gap in the connectivity between departments. Projects requiring inter-functional coordination get affected the most due to this.

Through Mesh, which is a cloud-based intranet solution, Acuvate offers a comprehensive range of digital workplace solutions to enhance communication and collaboration among employees and departments. This unified interface also facilitates document and content sharing and management in a manner never easier before.

Know how Mesh helped a large enterprise optimize its entire digital workspace using a single interface.

The 4 steps to peak performance

Increased connectivity

A single interface enabled with all digital tools and services facilitates different functions and departments to connect with each other as and when needed. Increased connectivity is key to an improved operational performance.

Effective collaboration

A unified digital workspace makes it easier to leverage the capabilities and skills of all the teams across the organization. It provides a platform for discrete talents to come and work together and collaborate to set higher standards of efficiency.

Higher productivity

It creates an efficient model to make the most of internal and external communications, knowledge sharing and document management. This in turn makes way for higher productivity and organisational efficiency.

Enhanced customer experience

Comprehensive range of workplace solutions is able to redefine how content, messaging and messaging are delivered to the customers. Overall, this results in a better customer service and thus better customer experience.

Our clients bet on Mesh

Why you should consider Mesh as your best Digital Workspace Solutions choice?

Easy integration

Mesh is an enterprise-oriented intranet and can be easily customised according to the business requirements. Its user-friendly interface can be integrated with any cloud-based intranet applications. It can also integrate workflows from BI dashboards to HR work processes.

Use of Microsoft enterprise technology

Mesh helps get the most of the Office 365 investment by providing a user-friendly and intuitive interface. It integrates Office 365 with various Microsoft applications so that the employees do not have to shuffle between multiple apps.

Intelligent intranet

Besides giving personalised responses to the user queries, Mesh can also automate several mundane and time-consuming tasks across the departments and free up the human resource to invest their time more productively.

Complete workplace solution

Using Mesh, a business can avail a complete range of workplace solutions on a single interface. Mesh enhances communication and collaboration among employees and departments and makes sharing and maintaining document and content easier.

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