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Mobile Is the Future of the Intranet

By 2022, 70% of software interactions in enterprises will occur on mobile devices – Gartner.

Increasing messaging apps domination and access anywhere has made mobile a popular platform of accessing anything and everything.

So why not have your intranet made available on mobile?

Mobile intranet comes packaged perfectly with a gamut of features spanning around virtual workspaces for communicating, directories for connecting with coworkers, receive corporate messages, access to the knowledge base etc –  delivering higher levels of employee engagement.

Mesh – An Enterprise Level Mobile Intranet Solution

Mesh is a go-to resource and easy-to-use mobile intranet solution for your employees that connect multiple sources of news and information providing a smart way to tap into the organization’s knowledge base whenever and wherever via various devices.

Using Mesh, access to the mobile intranet is enabled in both – a fully responsive web interface and through native mobile apps – keeping employees informed about latest updates, request information, access to knowledge centres, blogs, company news, social chat and notifications creating engaging Internal Comms.

Mesh intranet can also tailor your employee’s homepage feeds by displaying personalized and preferred content for different employee groups to ensure the right information delivered to the right employee boosting employee experience.

Benefits of using Mobile Intranet – Mesh


Mesh enterprise search gives instant access to necessary content on your intranet. Search capabilities are better demonstrated by matching the right content basing on keywords, tags and relevancy. It has an additional capability to dig in dark, rot and redundant data and provide the right information at right time.

Anywhere, Anytime

Mesh mobile-specific features help to connect your workforce regardless of place and time they work. With Mesh, employees can easily access work documents, presentations, critical business information on the go. They can also get connected with co-workers and receive key communications, from any device.


Mesh comes with a companion bot – MeshBOT that induces a smart work process by bringing up the latest information, news, updates to your employees leveraging the power of conversational user interface. On the flip side, it saves time maximizing employees productive hours influencing efficiencies.

Connect with
every employee

Mesh helps your employees stay connected, not only for mere information exchange but also for enhanced collaboration. Employees can search and find co-workers in an organization filtering on their expertise, location and role. Mesh blends perfectly with your active employee directories to ensure the right match of the person you are looking for.

A mobile information hub for frontline workers

Mesh provides a smart and easy-to-use information layer to blue-collar employees who often find it hard to engage with their organization due to lack of access to technology. Mesh enables them to access organisation information, news, documents, social networking etc and get connect into the digital workplace with a single tap through the mobile intranet.

Push notifications on

Mesh intranet sends pop-up messages and push notifications about important and relevant updates, news, birthdays, anniversaries, recognition and announcements. These mobile notifications transform the communication and collaboration levels of mobile workers, encouraging and reminding them to access the mobile intranet for relevant updates.

Mesh listed among top intranet solution providers in the world by Clearbox’s Report 2019.

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