Top Down Communication

Having efficient business related communication is central to the company’s overall success. The wonders you can achieve by having a systematic approach towards this aspect cannot be stressed enough. Top-down communication emphasizes managerial hierarchy and methodical transfer of information from the highest levels in the organization to the company’s staff. This ensures that a smooth flow of information is maintained in the organization at all times. If you want to build an effective communication network for your organization, Acuvate’s intranet, Mesh is the solution to this. With its best in class top down communication features, leadership will have a control on the flow of information. This ensures that each employment level has access to relevant information as and when required.


Mesh provides flexibility to organisations to publish targeted announcement to its employees or specific groups of employees. This helps to keep employees up to date on various happenings of the business and eliminates updates over email that are lost with time.

In the News

This section helps in drawing employees attention as they are keen to know on what Is trending about their organisation in the market. Publish rich news items and articles using text, images, videos etc. to tell an engaging story.

Leadership Speak

A section exclusively for your executive team to share their vision, mission or any message in their own way. With the help of our Intranet the executives don’t have to wait for the company meetings or town halls to communicate with their employees.

Company Events

Keep your employees updated about the conferences, trainings and special events happening within their region and across the various offices around the globe. This feature helps in making it easy to publish a wide range of events and meetings.

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Bottom Up Communication

Bottom-up communication system allows employees on the frontline of an organization to have their voices heard in decisions that affect their professional lives. This in turn increases the efficiency of the entire communication system in the organization. When employees feel that their contribution and voices are getting adequate attention, it harbours a feeling of greater job satisfaction amongst them. Keeping the same in mind, we at Acuvate have incorporated this feature in our intranet. This leads to better organizational hierarchy. The bottom up communication features of Mesh establish and monitor feedback systems that funnel input directly to the appropriate levels of the organization.


A feature which can help employees to give their say and collect responses to measure the feedback and take corrective actions to improve the effectiveness of the same

Your Voice

This section of the intranet is dedicated to the employees – “Your Voice". As the name suggests this feature can help in sharing their opinions, concerns, suggestions etc

Yammer Integration

Yammer is the social layer of Mesh. Yammer surfaces itself on Mesh Intranet via embedded feeds, likes and comments on articles etc.

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Lateral Communication

Communication between levels of the organizational hierarchy is important. But we must not ignore the interaction within the level. In order for employees at a certain organizational level to collaborate and work for the overall benefit of the firm, they must communicate extensively. With that in mind, Mesh has been incorporated with features that boost and nurture such interaction. Lateral communication helps to promote teamwork and facilitates coordinated group effort within a group or organization. Acuvate’s Mesh boasts of lateral communication that enhances productivity at workplace by making information sharing, problem solving, collaboration, and conflict resolution more efficient.


Birthdays are special to everyone. This feature brings the person celebrating this day on the home page making the employees feel more special and receive wishes from their colleagues.

Work Anniversaries

Make your employees feel happy by remembering their work anniversaries every yearly and congratulating them on this achievement

Rewards & Recognition

Foster a culture of rewarding and recognizing your best employees. Using this feature, you can easily highlight the achievements of your employees and keep them encouraged and highly productive.

Media Gallery

A library which has all the pictures & videos of various events, activities & conferences.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Collaboration initiatives provide companies the benefit of improved coordination between employees, departments and companies. Mesh provides a flexible quick access spaces. It comes power packed with features like quick links, people directory, forums and communities etc. It can aggregate tasks for employees and provide links to different applications based on their profile and role. This leads to better productivity for the organization. Mesh has features that can be integrated with widely used applications like Yammer. They leverage the capabilities of SharePoint and help you reap multifaceted benefits.

Quick Links

A set of links to applications published by the admin. Users can personalize these and create favorites.

My Corner

A area that aggregates all your tasks stored within SharePoint and provides links to different applications based on your profile & role.

Documents from Delve

Mesh can surface relevant documents from Delve for each user right on the home page. Easy access to the documents you & your colleagues are currently working on

Forums & Communities

Using Yammer integrated with SharePoint, enhanced communities can be created. With new features like Teams and Groups, the possibilities are endless!

People Directory

An easy to find search driven application for employees to search for people within the organization based on location, name, skill etc.

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Knowledge Management

Efficient utilization of the knowledge resource within the organization is must. The wonders it can do for the organization just cannot be stressed enough. A right platform is definitely needed for this knowledge to give optimum results for your organization. This was the key idea behind incorporation of this feature into Mesh. Since inception, Acuvate has strived to make business processes smarter and better. Mesh has been loaded with features like resource centre, wiki pages, and enterprise search, etc. These features are capable of leveraging your SharePoint portal into a better and more powerful version of itself.

Resource Center

A unique search driven application wherein all your documents are surfaced across the intranet. Documents can be easily accessed using a combination of search and filters.


Wiki pages are a powerful Knowledge management feature using which all the tacit knowledge residing in employees minds can be captured for the better. As an example, A wiki page can be created for capturing Customer Experience Details which can be added by whoever is involved with that customer.


Experiences, Ideas, Articles, Thoughts all of them can be written over show it to the team. Departments and as well as SMEs in the organization can have a blog to share information and knowledge.

Enterprise Search

Leverage the power of SharePoint search to search for people, content, documents and other knowledge within your intranet. Search in Mesh can be configured to search within the entire intranet, or for certain kinds of documents, or for people based on their skill and more…

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