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Enterprise Search

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A simple search bar with access to the data, which was intentionally put to consumption, for search engines is no more serving the purpose amidst the mountains of data dumped in knowledge management centers.

Streaming pages of results with hyperlinks to other information is simply inadequate. Challenged with decreasing attention spans, and an eruption of data, we realized the puzzle is to find and deliver relevant answers to employee's questions, suggest insights, and enable them to take action on tasks.

Gartner predicts that, by 2020, organizations offering users to access the curated catalog of internal and external data – will gain x2 business value from analytics investments compared to those who do not.

Mesh 3.0 implements cohesive and unified searchability, extended in every experience, rendering search across all your organization’s data. Besides, the search input can understand natural language phrases with autosuggestions. Our autonomous intranet uses the best of AI and Microsoft Office graph to surface personalized insights and make your organization more searchable. It uses intelligent ranking algorithms to showcase results based on relevance. ​

What makes Mesh enable the best of search?


Auto Indexing of documents

The Indexing of the Search happens using various cognitive capabilities such as key phrases and tag generation, text extraction from scanned documents, face and object detection from pictures and videos, etc., which makes the search powerful. 

Unified Search

A powerful comprehensive Search that is connected to Office 365 and numerous enterprise applications making it an accessible destination for broad quests to get the best of your work world.  

Customize Search Results

Enterprises will be able to customize the search sources and search results with custom filters and verticals and manage the presentation of how information look in result pages. 

Portal Showcase

Mesh Portal Showcase

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MESH 3.0
Mesh 3.0 stands by the motto of ‘the right content at the right time to the right person’. An autonomous digital platform powered with AI, it finely manages the data for enhanced collaboration, communication and engagement
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