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Mesh’s unified interface offers a comprehensive intranet system whose future-proof features can quickly adapt to the dynamic business landscape in the UK

Business world is ever-changing and so are the dynamics of the digital workplace. High performance is no more optional. In such a scenario, traditional intranet systems often fail to catch up and deliver the much-needed digital workplace solutions. Needless to say, it results in a big blow to the employee experience and productivity.

Acuvate, one of the leading intranet providers in the UK, provides an intelligent workplace solution with Mesh which enhances communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing between all the stakeholders within an organisation. It drives higher operational efficiencies by streamlining workflows and procedures.

Know how Mesh enabled a large-scale enterprise in the UK to streamline its operations using an intelligent intranet system.

The 4 Steps To Peak Performance

Connectivity and socialising

Through various tools and functionalities, an efficient intranet system enables all the employees and departments within an organisation to connect with one another on a single platform in real-time.

Collaboration and

A single digital platform facilitates effective collaboration between employees and help utilise discrete talent and capabilities across the organisation to drive unprecedented efficiencies.

No geographical constraints

The digital connectivity with multilingual features on a single interface continues to ensure that you face no hiccups while connecting and collaborating with your employees irrespective of their geographic location.

Better employee

A convenient accessibility of a personalized knowledge, communication, updates, and alerts on a mobile device further redefines employee experience and results in better engagement.

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Why Mesh Is One Of The Best Intranet Providers In The UK?

Workbench (CMS)

Workbench is an intelligent offering of Mesh which enables the authors to generate news articles, communications, alerts etc. It also allows to publish, edit or archive content with one click.

Mesh comes with AI-Powered chatbot – MeshBOT. It increases employee engagement with a 24/7 support, automate mundane tasks and respond to frequent queries in an almost human-level interaction.
SharePoint Analytics

Mesh’s SharePoint analytics imparts key insights into your intranet performance, site and page usage, content popularity, active users, keyword analysis etc. This catalyses an effective decision-making.


Mesh, a ready to use the modern intranet, can be easily deployed in Office 365 SharePoint Online with 100% compatibility. It utilises all the features of SharePoint Online and Yammer.

Microsoft Enterprise

Mesh helps you get the best ROI on your Office 365 investment by integrating Office 365 with various Microsoft applications. It can be deployed in Office 365 SharePoint Online with 100% compatibility.

Augmented Employee Experience

Mesh offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface and ensures that the employees do not have to shuffle between multiple apps. It also leverages all the features of SharePoint Online and Yammer.

Mesh listed among top intranet solution providers in the world by Clearbox’s Report 2019.

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