Intelligence & Automation

Mesh is a next generation intelligent intranet with which you can both “converse" and automate your tasks. Not only does it give smart and personalized responses to a user’s query but also automates the rather tedious process of updating content on the intranet. You can also automate and streamline mundane, labor-intensive tasks for various departments of your organization.

Worried about ROI? Mesh also comes equipped with a powerful analytics solution for high scalability.


A Bot that is always connected to your intranet bringing the latest info, news, updates and more. The bot comes trained to answer questions on Intranet usage and help and can assist employees and content authors.

During deployment, we will personalize the bot to provide it a name and a character that is aligned with your business values and organizational culture

You can continue to train the bot post deployment to answer more number of questions on a variety of topics related to your organization.

MeshBot will work 24/7 to help drive adoption and keep your audience engaged.

MeshBOT has been built using Acuvate’s BotCore platform

(An Enterprise Bot Builder platform)

Workbench (CMS)

Workbench is a content authoring module of Mesh. Using Workbench, authors can easily create news articles, announcements, events etc. It supports one-click publishing, editing and automated archival.

Seek – SharePoint Analytics

Get deep insights on your SharePoint intranet. With seek you can get detailed reports on usage, site and page popularity, most downloaded documents, most active users, search keyword analysis and more. You own all the analytics data on your Microsoft Azure.

Multilingual Support

Translate the content in your most preferred language using machine translation API’s.