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Use Mesh to create an efficient knowledge management software and equip your organization with a global pool of information

Information silos often make it challenging to search for and avail the required information in time. Also, not all devices can be used to access these scattered repositories of knowledge. These challenges limit information sharing and contribution and hinder the optimum utilisation of intranet.

With Acuvate’s intelligent Intranet Accelerator solution called Mesh, you can now establish a centralised knowledge pool to create, manage and share information across the intranet smoothly. Besides, your employees can access a customised set of information from anywhere, on any device.

Know how Mesh helped a major firm set up a valuable knowledge management process.

The 5 Steps To Peak Performance

Information at One Place

The knowledge management software does away with information silos and creates a hub of information at one place so that the users do not have to explore multiple sources.

Increased Knowledge Sharing

This platform helps in creating a culture where people are encouraged to share ideas and contribute knowledge to form a more effective pool of information and insights.

Enterprise Search

Mesh utilises SharePoint search to find people, content, documents and other knowledge within your intranet based on your criteria and filters.

Better Knowledge Management

As the software keeps updating existing and archiving old content, the users are assured to get up-to-date search results. Moreover, users themselves also contribute to the pool by sharing fresh knowledge.

Availability of Quality Content

A robust hub of knowledge pieces and experts from the knowledge community ensure the availability of precise results to the user queries.

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Why You Should Consider Mesh As Your Best Knowledge Management Software Choice?

Office 365 Integration

Mesh a ready to use intranet that can be deployed in Office 365 SharePoint Online with 100% compatibility. It utilises all the features of SharePoint online.

Wikis Pages

A valuable feature of knowledge management, Wiki pages can be used by employees to share all their tacit knowledge and experiences with others.

Workbench (CMS)

Mesh, with its content authoring module Workbench, allows the authors to create news articles, announcements etc with one click.

Friendly Access

Based on their requirements, the users can get a customised access to knowledge irrespective of their device and location.

Usage Rights

Mesh makes sure that the users only have the access to the right content materials, documents or files which they need.


Mesh facilitates for departments to publish their ideas and thought in form of blogs and share it with all their employees.

MeshBOT Support

Mesh’s MeshBOT provides a rich self-service experience by automating responses to frequent questions and streamlining mundane and redundant activities.

Resource Center

Mesh makes all the documents available across the intranet. Employees can access these documents according to their preference.

Mesh listed among top intranet solution providers in the world by Clearbox’s Report 2019.

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