Azure-Driven Knowledge Mining In A Modern SharePoint Intranet

Extract hidden insights from your existing information.

Knowledge Mining Azure Knowledge Mining In Sharepoint Intranet

Are you facing these content management challenges in your company?

Knowledge Mining Content Management Challenges
  1. Documents floating around on SharePoint, shared drives, local drives, email attachments and siloed 3rd party apps
  2. Employees spending too much time tracking down documents, reports, files
  3. Valuable information stored in digital formats like PDF, images, videos and audio files but no way to collect them in a database
  4. Duplicate files containing the same information

Unlock The Value Of Your Unstructured Data


80% of the information generated by businesses is unstructured and gets locked away in siloed apps. Knowledge workers spend hours everyday either trying to find this information or creating duplicate files. That’s an immense loss of productivity and under utilization of data!

Mesh, a modern SharePoint intranet, provides knowledge mining tools driven by Azure Cognitive Services to help manage, analyze and maximize value from this ever growing business data. Use AI to iIlluminate hidden data, harness unstructured data and make it easy for knowledge workers to find information across apps

3 Step Approach To Knowledge Mining

Knowledge Mining Ingest


Bring structured and unstructured content from various data sources together using Mesh’s flexible connectors and integrations with third party business apps

Knowledge Mining Enrich


Leverage AI to analyze unstructured data, generate metadata, automate tagging, find patterns and understand data better.


Make data easily searchable and improve search relevance with Azure Cognitive Enterprise Search enabled in SharePoint intranet


How a Fortune 500 company used knowledge mining to provide the right answers quickly during customer support interactions and improve customer experience.

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Benefits of Knowledge Mining In SharePoint Intranet!

Knowledge Mining Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

Improve productivity by enabling knowledge workers to focus on their core business activities instead of spending several hours everyday searching for information

Knowledge Mining Enhance Decision Making Icon

Enhance Decision Making

Improve decision making by making dark data searchable and increasing access to unstructured data

Knowledge Mining Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Reduce operational costs by automating manual approaches to meta data management and content tagging.

What You Should Consider Mesh As Your SharePoint Intranet For Knowledge Mining?

Knowledge Mining World’s First Autonomous Intranet

World’s First Autonomous Intranet

In addition to knowledge mining, Mesh also features a range of advanced capabilities including, content personalization, collaboration tools, communication tools, enterprise app integrations, making it the world’s first autonomous intranet!

Knowledge Mining Best Of Microsoft Ai Technologies

Best of Microsoft AI Technologies

Mesh is built with the best of Microsoft Azure and AI services. Azure Search Services, LUIS, Graph, MS natural language stack are all a part of Mesh!

Knowledge Mining Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

Acuvate has 13+years of experience in deploying SharePoint intranet technologies for 200+ large and medium sized businesses across the globe. Our solutions have been recognized by industry analysts like Forrester, Gartner and ClearBox.

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MESH 3.0

Mesh 3.0 stands by the motto of ‘the right content at the right time to the right person’. An autonomous digital platform powered with AI, it finely manages the data for enhanced collaboration, communication and engagement


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