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Mesh offers your enterprise an intelligent intranet system which gets along smoothly with the changing needs of your workforce

The business landscape is always changing and your employees are getting smarter by the day. A fundamental shift in their needs and expectations is clearly visible. Therefore the need for the digital workspace to go smarter is growing simultaneously. In this dynamic scenario, an intelligent intranet is a necessity.

That is where Mesh can help you in optimizing your employee experience and engagement. It offers a modern intranet solution through a single interface which enhances inter-departmental collaboration, knowledge management, communication and reporting structure and thus the efficiency of your business operations eventually.

Know how Mesh helped a major enterprise improve its employee engagement with an intelligent intranet system.

The 4 Steps To Peak Performance


A Modern intranet offers an immense opportunity for knowledge sharing and collaboration to leverage collective capabilities and talent and deploy them to optimize processes and workflow. Improved efficiency achieves unprecedented targets.

No geographical

A modern intranet can provide a uniform platform with digital connectivity in multiple languages to all the employees in an enterprise irrespective of their geographic location. Making collaboration between international teams easier.

More time for

An intelligent intranet can generate targeted communications, alerts and updates based on function, title, location and previous queries and searches. It brings relevant information and leaves a lot of productive time for the employees.

Better employee

A modern intranet can create personalised employee experiences and enhanced internal communications, all accessible on a handheld device. This leads to retain employees at a higher rate and improve better employee engagement.

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Why Should You Consider Mesh As Your Best Modern Intranet Choice?


Mesh comes with an intelligent content authoring module called Workbench. Workbench allows the authors to generate news articles, communications, alerts etc. Its smart features also enable them to publish, edit or archive content with a single click.


Mesh’s analytics feature gives you an understanding of your intranet performance. Using it, you can get valuable insights on site usage, content popularity, active users, keyword analysis etc.


Mesh, a ready to use the modern intranet, can be easily deployed in Office 365 SharePoint Online with 100% compatibility. It utilises all the features of SharePoint Online and Yammer.


MeshBOT- an AI chatbot is a unique offering of Mesh which automates mundane operations. This 24/7 support also engages the audience by providing automated responses to their queries in a human-like interaction.

Mesh listed among top intranet solution providers in the world by Clearbox’s Report 2019.

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