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Bottom Up Communication

The bottom-up communication system allows employees on the frontline of an organization to have their voices heard in decisions that affect their professional lives. This, in turn, increases the efficiency of the entire communication system in the organization.

When employees feel that their contribution and voices are getting adequate attention, it harbours a feeling of greater job satisfaction amongst them. Keeping the same in mind, we at Acuvate have incorporated this feature in our intranet. This leads to better organizational hierarchy. The bottom-up communication features of Mesh establish and monitor feedback systems that funnel input directly to the appropriate levels of the organization.


A feature which can help employees to give their say and collect responses to measure the feedback and take corrective actions to improve the effectiveness of the same.

Your Voice

This section of the intranet is dedicated to the employees – “Your Voice”. As the name suggests this feature can help in sharing their opinions, concerns, suggestions etc.

Yammer Integration

Yammer is the social layer of Mesh. Enable, connect and engage across your organization. Yammer surfaces itself on the Mesh Intranet via embedded feeds, likes and comments on articles etc.

Make your staff feel valued. Learn how an intelligent intranet can put a smile on your employee’s face.