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Collaboration and Productivity

Collaboration initiatives provide companies with the benefit of improved coordination between employees, departments and companies.

Mesh provides a flexible quick access space. It comes power packed with features like quick links, people directory, forums and communities etc. It can aggregate tasks for employees and provide links to different applications based on their profile and role. This leads to better productivity for the organization. Mesh has features that can be integrated with widely used applications like Yammer. They leverage the capabilities of SharePoint and help you reap multifaceted benefits.

Quick Links

A set of links to applications published by the admin. Users can personalize these and create favourites.

My Corner

An area that aggregates all your tasks stored within SharePoint and provides links to different applications based on your profile & role.

Documents from Delve

Mesh can surface relevant documents from Delve for each user right on the home page. Easy access to the documents you and your colleagues are currently working on.

Forums & Communities

Using Yammer integrated with SharePoint, enhanced communities can be created. With new features like Teams and Groups, the possibilities are endless!

People Directory

An easy to find search driven application for employees to search for people within the organization based on location, name, skill etc.

Revolutionize your workplace productivity and leverage your employee collaboration with our next-generation intranet.