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Knowledge Management

Efficient utilization of the knowledge resource within the organization is the must. The wonders it can do for the organization just cannot be stressed enough.

A right platform is definitely needed for this knowledge to give optimum results for your organization. This was the key idea behind the incorporation of this feature into Mesh. Since inception, Acuvate has strived to make business processes smarter and better. Mesh has been loaded with features like resource centre, wiki pages, and enterprise search, etc. These features are capable of leveraging your SharePoint portal into a better and more powerful version of itself.

Resource Center

A unique search-driven application wherein all your documents are surfaced across the intranet. Documents can be easily accessed using a combination of search and filters.


Experiences, ideas, articles, thoughts all of them can be written over show it to the team. Departments and as well as SMEs in the organization can have a blog to share information and knowledge.


Wiki pages are a powerful Knowledge management feature using which all the tacit knowledge residing in employees minds can be captured for the better. As an example, a wiki page can be created for capturing customer experience details which can be added by whoever is involved with that customer.

Enterprise Search

Leverage the power of SharePoint search to search for people, content, documents and other knowledge within your intranet. Search in Mesh can be configured to search within the entire intranet, or for certain kinds of documents, or for people based on their skill and more.

Make knowledge more accessible. Take your intranet to the next level.