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Lateral Communication

Communication between levels of the organizational hierarchy is important. But we must not ignore the interaction within the level. Lateral communication helps to promote teamwork and facilitates coordinated group effort within a group or organization.

In order for employees at a certain organizational level to collaborate and work for the overall benefit of the firm, they must communicate extensively. With that in mind, Mesh has been incorporated with features that boost and nurture such interaction. Acuvate’s Mesh boasts of lateral communication that enhances productivity at the workplace by making information sharing, problem-solving, collaboration, and conflict resolution more efficient.

Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are special to everyone. This feature brings the person celebrating this day on the home page making the employees feel more special and receive wishes from their colleagues.

Work Anniversaries

Make your employees feel happy by remembering their work anniversaries every yearly and congratulating them on this achievement.

Rewards & Recognition

Foster a culture of rewarding and recognizing your best employees. Using this feature, you can easily highlight the achievements of your employees and keep them encouraged and highly productive.

Media Gallery

A library which has all the pictures & videos of various events, activities & conferences.

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