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Top Down Communication

Top-down communication emphasizes managerial hierarchy and methodical transfer of information from the highest levels in the organization to the company’s staff. This ensures that a smooth flow of information is maintained in the organization at all times.

Having efficient business-related communication is central to the company’s overall success. The wonders you can achieve by having a systematic approach towards this aspect cannot be stressed enough. If you want to build an effective communication network for your organization, Acuvate’s intranet, Mesh is the solution to this. With its best in the class top-down communication features, leadership will have control over the flow of information. This ensures that each employment level has access to relevant information as and when required.


Mesh provides flexibility to organisations to publish a targeted announcement to all employees or specific groups. This helps to keep employees up to date on various happenings of the business and eliminates updates over email that are lost with time.

In The News

This section helps in drawing employees attention as they are keen to know what is trending about their organisation in the market. Publish rich news items and articles using text, images, videos etc. to tell an engaging story.

Leadership Speak

A section exclusively for your executive team to share their vision, mission or any message in their own way. With the help of our Intranet, the executives don’t have to wait for the company meetings or town halls to communicate with their employees.

Company Events

Keep your employees updated about the conferences, training and special events happening within their region and across the various offices around the globe. This feature helps in making it easy to publish a wide range of events and meetings.

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