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Everything you need in a Social Intranet

Simple, intuitive, engaging social features that will revolutionize the way your employees interact and perform. Make it easier than ever for your employees to react, comment, share ideas, and drive discussion, ensuring a truly social experience for everyone.

A social intranet is crucial for any organization that is looking to increase engagement and active participation. Imagine a platform that allows, even encourages, everyone, from the CEO to the newest employees on the block to interact with each other, as well as company news and updates on a daily basis.

Acuvate’s MESH, a Microsoft SharePoint based intranet solution, is an intelligent social intranet software, that facilitates idea sharing and creates a more social workplace.

Mesh – Ready To Deploy Social Intranet Solution

Acuvate’s MESH, a Microsoft SharePoint based intranet solution, is an intelligent social intranet software, that facilitates idea sharing and creates a more social workplace. It enables organizations to improve communication and collaboration with inbuild socializing elements. The solution can be scaled up or down depending upon the needs of an organization.

This solution gives a further return on investment, if you combine it with extensions, by deploying its reusable workflow components or reusable packaged solutions. It can be deployed across devices and give a consistent experience.

Try Mesh for yourself and see how your organization can benefit from a more Social Intranet!


All content, including discussions, notifications, company news, and others, should be personalized to the user, based on their role in the organization. Making information relevant to the staff will increase their awareness of content that will be beneficial to their role.

Personal Dashboards and Profiles

A big component of a social intranet is to enable employees to collaboarte themselves with others. Dashboards drive the social aspect of an intranet by giving everyone a view of what a user has liked, commented on, or upvoted, as well as a peek at how others have engaged with a user.


An effective intranet system is one that empowers its users to find the content they need at the right time. In order to increase employee engagement, it is particularly important to ensure that the system enables users to search and discover relevant documents in your intranet.


An effective intranet solution offers intelligent content suggestions to users based on their individual roles and the department they operate in. Users can subscribe to certain types of content and access to the most relevant content of their line of work.

Higher Engagement With Embedded Social Features

A well-designed intranet will help foster a sense of community. This requires eliminating fragmentation and allowing various teams to increase engagement and participation throughout its workforce, by using social features.

Business Processes

One of the biggest goals of an intranet is to remove impediments wherever possible. This translates to allowing users to log onto the intranet and take actions specific to their work, including submitting applications or reviewing content, etc.


It is imperative that your intranet have an effortless mechanism for various teams to coordinate and collaborate – whether it be on projects, organizational initiatives, internal reviews or other areas of interest.


In order to cater to today’s mobile-first culture, it is necessary that your intranet is made available on mobile devices and optimized effectively, so your employees can access it anytime, anywhere.

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