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Pharmacovigilance Analytics

Advanced analytics, automation, and cognitive services are driving opportunities to transform pharmacovigilance. PV analytics is changing the way of analyzing data and getting valuable insights for regulators in developing a learning system to improve the drug’s risk-benefit profile. It likewise helps in determining the ideal treatment to improve product quality and patient wellbeing.

Moreover, PV analytics acts as a medium in monitoring and tracking the pharmacovigilance data. It consolidates data, analyzes it, and shares drug safety insights to reduce risks, adverse reactions, and patient harm in the shortest time possible.

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Key benefits of pharmacovigilance analytics

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Monitoring of compliance

PV Analytics will monitor data to prevent any adverse events. It supports creating various data models that can determine the probability of critical side effects for different groups of patients. It also helps in drug classification, processing, workflow, CRO management, and processor management.

Benefit Risk Analysis

Benefit-Risk Analysis

PV Analytics leverages the enormous amount of healthcare data in realtime. It allows organizations to recognize risks and benefits, which can help in improving the safety profile of the pharmaceutical products and accelerate the drug discovery process.


Patient Protection

PV analytics generate insights on the patient outcomes through the disease characteristics and treatment patterns for individual patients. Organizations can prove their case for the value-add of the product to the health authorities, providers, and patients too.

Pharma Adverse Affects

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Solution Features
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  • ETL Framework to ingest data from external data sources like FAERS , MedDRA taxonomy into ODS/Data Lake
  • ETL Framework to ingest case management data into ODS/Data Lake.
  • Data Ingestion tool to combine data from both external and internal data sources into a data model for reporting.
  • Prebuilt reports for case details identifying Adverse events and ability to drill down into drivers causing them .
  • AI enabled features in reports to identify parameters impacting them.
  • Chatbots to access information at fingertips with links to report for detailed analysis.

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