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Gartner’s hype cycle shows Natural Language Question Answering and Machine learning as the technologies that are speeding towards becoming more mainstream
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From Gartner

The perceptual smart machine age: Smart machine technologies will be the most disruptive class of technologies over the next 10 years due to radical computational power, near-endless amounts of data, and unprecedented advances in deep neural networks that will allow organizations with smart machine technologies to harness data in order to adapt to new situations and solve problems that no one has encountered previously. Enterprises that are seeking leverage in this theme should consider the following technologies:?Machine Learning,?Virtual Personal Assistants, Cognitive Expert Advisors, Smart Data Discovery, Smart Workspace, Conversational User Interfaces, Smart Robots, Natural-Language Question Answering, Personal Analytics, Enterprise Taxonomy and Ontology Management.

Why BOT ?

Access Anywhere
  • Users can connect with Bots using your enterprise chat application on any device at any time.
  • Users have the option to add Bot as a contact in other chat applications like Slack, Facebook Messenger or even using SMS (no internet connectivity)

Increased Adoption
  • Conversational User Interfaces are easier to learn & use and are more fun to use than traditional forms and UI
  • No special training needs as its like chatting with another person.
  • Users develop a bond with the Bot over time, akin to another human. No other app can do this

Personalization & Self Learning
  • Bots always knows who it is conversing with, this information can be used to fetch user specific content as well as make the conversations more personal
  • Integration with Machine Learning services makes the Bot better with time with minimal human intervention. Also, custom ML algorithms can be developed for improved understanding of the business

Low Development & Maintenance Cost
  • Using web services, Bots can connect to multiple LOB apps, ERP, Data Warehouses and more, eliminating the need to build additional apps.
  • Maintaining fewer bots to do multiple things and its nature of upgrading without any installation with a zero or minimal downtime reduces the maintenance cost


Bot Proof of Concepts
As these are emerging technologies, enterprises would like to try and ensure that there is fitment before adopting a widespread release
Bot Factory
Once the initial PoC is successful, we can help in the continuous development, integration and deployment of enterprise bots.
Bot Learning
It is essential that Bots are trained to understand your business's domain. This is achieved using machine learning and deep learning technologies.
Technology Evaluations
There are multiple AI services available each having its own strengths & weaknesses. We can help you choose the right one for your enterprise.
Experience B2E ChatBots on Skype for Business

Acuvate BotCore

Acuvate has developed a Bot Core that can be used for implementing your next conversational bot. The Bot core is enterprise ready and leverages your existing On-Premise or Azure investments.

Our customers are using Bot Core with multiple bots that we have deployed. Our Intranet Bot solution, MeshBOT is also built using the same. Bot Core is built as a flexible service that can leverage any AI service.

Introducing Your Virtual Assistants

Our Botvarsity
sia bot icon


Sales Intelligent Assistant

sia chat screen with mobile
sia bot
b2b bot


B2B Service Bot

bob bot
bob chat without mobile
alec bot icon


AI Librarian for Enterprise documents

Alec with mobile
alec chat screen


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