We aim to eliminate the complexities of supporting and managing Office365 from organizations. Besides delivering on your immediate goals, we also free up much needed time and resources for your IT departments, making sure that productivity and collaboration witness an uptick.

We provide a spectrum of offerings that perfectly suits all IT support requirements from proactive maintenance, configuration management, front line support, usage, and analytics reporting.

Office 365 Maintenance​

Proactive Maintenance

Proactive service management in addition to the break fixes minimizing risk and downtime

Office 365 Support Services Update Rollout

Product Update Rollout

Provision of proactive updates and frequent product rollout that occur within the platform

Office 365 Support Service Desk

Service Desk

Assistance with Office 365 incidents and requests from our certified professionals

Office 365 Support Services Sla Monitoring

SLA Monitoring & Adherence

Adhere to the defined SLA’s with a key eye to priority levels considering the impact and urgency

Office 365 Support Services Training

User Trainings

Comprehensive end user training to achieve specific business goals

Office 365 Support Service Knowledge Base

Knowledge Database

Streamline support services by collecting and structuring the knowledge database in a centralized repository

Office 365 Support Service Data Security

Security & Compliance

Ongoing support and guidance encompassing Office 365 security & compliance apps to help keep your data safe and secure

Office 365 Support Services Access Control

Access Control

Delivers access control management without risking exposure of sensitive data or critical configuration settings

Office 365 Support Service Configuration


Streamline configuration and monitoring across the entire environment along with real time troubleshooting

Office 365 Support Service Process

Continuous Process Improvements

On going improvement process to select, tailor, implement and assess offerings inline with business goals

Office 365 Support Service Security

Anti-Malware & Spam updates

Shielding data against all potential risks and threats and improve protecting capabilities against malware

How we Do It


Acuvate’s IP portfolio comprising of BotCore, Optimum, and Azure Cost Optimization (ACO) leveraging AI technologies for intelligent automation are planted to practice efficiently. Our accelerators have demonstrated outcomes in reducing cost, increasing predictability, and service levels. 

Right from the round the clock availability of a support agent for a quick resolution to RPA bots in ACO granting role-based access, upon approval, to different systems without any wait time our IP handles it all. Reducing the SLA from hours to a few minutes, if not seconds, immensely boosts productivity and uptimes. Predictive maintenance on application and infrastructure to optimize and ensure uptime is our forte.

Our IP in infra optimization in most cases had carved out potential cost reductions of 30+% and constantly keep monitoring the various applications, SharePoint sites, content on usage, and access and recommend actions like purge or consolidation.

  • Support desk
  • L0 support
  • Agent support
  • Knowledge database
  • Triage requests


  • End point analytics
  • Anomaly detection
  • Context aware, Incident prediction and self heal
  • Access management
  • Graph based artificial neural network
  • ML Ops
  • Data Ops
  • Predictive reporting


  • Server sizing
  • Server provisioning
  • Configuration management
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • DM Management
  • Infrastructure as a code
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Azure monitoring


Office 365 Support Services Certified

Certified expertise

Office 365 Support Services Investment

Cost Reduction

Office 365 Support Services Adoption

Accelerated adoption

Office 365 Support Services Up To Date

Always up to date

Office 365 Support Services Productivity

Increase Productivity

Office 365 Support Services Secure And Compliance

Safe, secure and Compliant

Process & Framework

Office 365 Support Services
Office 365 Support Services Global
Office 365 Support Services Compliance

Expert guidance and support for Office 365 Deployment

Office 365 Support Services Experts

Office 365 expertise

Our specialists have the expertise to help you get the most out of Office 365 starting from migration and deployment to on-going support in addition to the long term strategic planning.

Microsoft Partnership

Microsoft Partnership

Our strong Microsoft partnership gets us the privilege of knowing new features and enhancements which helps stay ahead of the curve.

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