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Business intelligence system of an organisation involves different strategies and efforts to build the system right. In this process, a concrete Business architecture framework consisting of best practices, policies and standards play an influential role resulting better decisions. Business Intelligence Architecture ensures that the development efforts of different projects grooves in as a cohesive whole to achieve desired BI system. We help clients design and implement the business intelligence systems by creating the data models relevant for the area which is critical for their business decisions like sales, HR, marketing etc., helping them implement a scalable and robust data warehouse which helps them take operational and analytical decisions.

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Identify the KPI’s and the KPI drivers needed to drive the Business Priorities based on strategy defined
Apply Kimball Methodology – Top Down Analysis and Bottom Up Design and Development
User Interviews to identify the existing report formats
Derive KPI’s, Dimensions, Facts to be created and Business Logic to be applied
Identify Data and Sources for extraction
Create Operation Data Store & Build reports for CXO’s, Information Analyzers, and Operational Users
Build ETL Packages to Extract and Load data to Operational Data Store
Create Data warehouse based on Dimensional Modeling
Build Reports For Cxo’s, Information Analyzers, And Operational Users
Build In Memory Data mart based on the relation DWH created

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