A recent wave of digital disruption with new-born digital challengers is compelling traditional incumbents to find and harness new ways of delivering exceptional employee/customer experiences to traverse the new race. While superior experience is a foundational yardstick of successful digital transformation, this approach can only be sustained if the organization’s underlying infrastructure is equipped with a new-age upgrade to handle the demands.

We believe that the enterprises can be far more efficient with a comprehensive AI strategy, primarily as a top-up over their legacy applications and business processes. Our vision for the enterprise is to empower to transform with AI infusion in every application, business process, and employee accessibility. The promise of AI is a holistic transformation ensuring higher levels of engagement & usability, delivering intelligent applications for enterprise consumption.

Reinvent the enterprise digital landscape with AI
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Core Digital Services

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Our Digital services focus on harnessing the power of latest technologies to reshape your organizational landscape. We helped clients leverage digital platforms to maximize collaboration and enhance the processes ranging anywhere between knowledge mining to accessibility with a quick time to launch.

Business process management

Autonomous Intranet

Equips your employees with unified access to personalized information tailored based on user behavior, geo location, preferences, teams, job profile etc.

Migration Modernization

Migration & Modernization

Renewing outdated legacy systems helps organizations to strip out unnecessary costs, lessening risks and freeing up scarce resources to generate business value.

Content Collaboration

Content & Collaboration

Facilitating implementation of powerful governance models and robust portal framework enabling enterprises in harmonizing dissipated data and streamlining workflows.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Analyze, design and deploy business processes and automate flows aligning to enterprise’s business goals and needs, thereby, substantially improving the effectiveness of those processes.

Product Development

Application Services

An innovation-driven approach to application services helping business reinvent their application portfolio, putting to use the best of emerging technology to build with speed and agility enhancing productivity and ROI.

custom development

Custom Development

An end to end development house experienced in designing and developing a wide range of custom applications to counter complex business challenges – quickly, on time, reliable and cost effective solutions.

AI In Digital

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Artificial intelligence is transforming how we work and learn, what work we do and the ways we access employment. Application leaders focused on innovation and AI are now accountable for improving worker experience, developing worker skills and building organizational competency in responsible AI.

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Incorporating chatbots into enterprise digital road map to build the conversational design of the future transforming customer/employees experience.


Machine Learning

Using machine learning to detect, understand, act and learn from human actions. Besides, machine learning helps in extracting valuable insights out of complex data for the accurate decision-making process.

Machine learning
Robotic process management

Robotic Process Management

Leveraging RPA on structured digital processes to mimic human actions and thereby eliminating possible errors in the run time.


AI Infused Portals

AI infusion – a key to advance personalization unlocks the true potential of digital initiatives and delivers exceptional experiences.

AI Infused Portals

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