Leverage Robotic Process Automation As part of

your Intelligent
Automation journey

Robotic Process Automation is key for your digital transformation efforts and paves the way for your intelligent automation journey. With RPA tools you can either completely or partially automate various manual rule-based processes. 

RPA bots help you maximize the value of your intelligent automation program by seamlessly integrating with any of your automation initiatives including process and decision automation, data capture initiatives, etc. 

Bring more power to your digital transformation strategy – by combining Robotic Process Automation with your existing business process automation approach.

By 2022, application integrations delivered with robotic process automation (RPA) will grow by 40% year over year. – Gartner

Use Robotic Process Automation for:

Automate Manual Tasks


Data extraction and entry


Data validation


System integration

RPA Benefits and Use Cases
For Finance, Supply chain, IT, HR and sales & marketing


  • Improve customer and employee experience.
  • Automate and reduce time spent on manual and repetitive tasks.
  • Increase employee productivity.
  • Deliver more consistent and responsive customer service.
  • Get key business insights.
  • Reduce processing errors.


  • Payroll processing.
  • Invoice processing.
  • Order Entry.
  • VM Creation.
  • AD User creation.


We help you choose the right Business Use Case and RPA tool
Proof Of Value
Dip before you dive. Get an introduction to every angle of the RPA experience before going all out.
Leverage RPA at scale and optimize costs by establishing a CoE.
To help in your spike in demand for RPA Developers.
Know how a major firm succeeded in boosting
business productivity using RPA and achieved higher ROI
Our Approach To Building an RPA CoE

Assess Opportunities

  • Interviews with business stakeholders
  • Processes identification for RPA
  • Catalog the process
  • Build a standardized view of the process
  • Finalize the process which needs to be automated

Deploy The Solution

  • Define and design according to the need
  • Configure and build
  • Test
  • Deploy to production

Maintenance and Support

  • Identify key metrics
  • Process refinement and optimization
Maximize The Power of RPA
Rpa Image
Cognitive RPA

Combine the power of chatbots and RPA to let employees or customers experience RPA capabilities using  natural language or voice.  Integrating chatbots with RPA helps users helps users to complete several tasks via self-service and without any human intervention, improving  employee and customer satisfaction. An RPA chatbot in support centers helps employees to get their work done more efficiently and effectively and allows them to focus on more productive tasks.

Hire an RPA Developer

Excited to start your RPA journey but lack the right people? Acuvate’s certified RPA consultants help you train your internal developers and develop the right skills needed to build your solution.

RPA Tools
Advantages of deploying RPA in the enterprise
Availability and accuracy

Bots can work 24×7 without getting tired. At the same time, they are highly accurate as they only perform tasks which they are designed to do and log the status of each step.


RPA can significantly reduce support costs and deliver work with greater efficiency. It can quickly address the tasks round-the-clock. You get greater output for a one-time investment, which results in a better bottom line.

Quality & Accurate Work

RPA can perform error-free tasks and deliver better quality work with accurate insights boosting employee satisfaction rates, thereby boosting organization’s profitability.

Employee Empowerment

RPA chatbots have the capability to accomplish several tasks without human intervention. They empower the support staff by helping them get work done more efficiently and effectively. Besides, they free up time for support staff to focus on more important tasks.

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