Context Aware Promotions

Right content to the right person
at the right time, place and context.

Acuvate Aware

An intelligent platform delivering Environment – Aware Content (EAC). It helps you devise a smart, targeted approach towards content localization and involves parameters such as location, weather and various consumption related patterns.

The most important thing is predict where clients are going and stop right in front of them

– Philip Kotler

Aware Platform Use Cases

Environment Promotional

Information is clouding up more than ever. This is fueling customers to decide on their shopping activities on the go. Out of all, weather and context are the primary determinants of consumer purchase behavior with everyday fluctuations affecting a wide range of industries – including food & drink, pharmaceuticals, apparel, travel & leisure, home & garden, energy and automotive, etc. Use these factors to increase your conversions and footfalls.

Aware helps in energizing your brand to stay ahead of the changing market curves.
It helps in influencing customers to visit in-store using strategic promotions.

asset tracking

Manufacturing units who have heavy equipment always have a constant eye on the geo-location of their prized assets. Many a times, there will be downtime experienced or a temporary switch between units. This requires the assets to be relocated and tracked basing on the requirement. This tracking is ensured using Aware platform.

Using Aware, configuration of the asset’s GPS device can be setup to transmit sensor information continuously at defined intervals. The transmitted information can be published further through different channels like a push notification or an SMS or maybe thru emails.

Aware Platform Architecture

aware concept


Aware Mobile App
•Display published content
•Perform one time check-in
•Post co-ordinates continuously
•Locate nearby geo-fences
•Set content preferences
• Create and modify Geo-fences
• Upload content for Geo-fences
• Choose publishing preferences/channels
• Create publishing rules for Geo-fences
• Deliver content based on publishing rules and channel preferences

Usage Analytics
• Identify content consumption patterns
• Use machine learning to improve environment-aware content by self-learning from patterns
• Record co-ordinates into GIS system
• Drive mobile engagement
• Determine location to be in/out/within geo-fence


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Wearable Technology

Suitable for

  • All organizations interested in improving conversions and footfalls.

Return On Investment

  • Attract and retain customers with personalized offers & promotions.
  • Increase your RoV on Marketing spend and better customer insights.
  • Increased adoption of the Mobile application.
  • Increase in Sales.


Our mission at Acuvate goes beyond mere customer satisfaction.
We go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are absolutely delighted, both pre- and post- sale.

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