CIO Cockpit

About Solution

Helps the CIOs in evaluating different aspects of their business effectively.

CIO Dashboard is a highly configurable dashboard for CIOs to track various key aspects of their role such as Innovation, Operations, Contacts, Assets and Documents. This solution is a powerful display of all the pillars of SharePoint.

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Salient Features

Manage IT assets in a prudent way
Keep a tab on operations, performance, budget, innovation
Manage contracts effectively
Alert & notifications
Rich document management interface
Quick Dashboard View

Technology Used

SharePoint 2010

SQL Server 2008

Suitable For

  • All organizations interested to improve the lights of the business and helping their CIO’s to achieve new heights.

Return On Investment

  • Helps manage multiple roles at once
  • Minimizes errors
  • Accurate analysis
  • Timely alerts & notifications at times of risk


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