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Business these days are fumbling to manage customer expectations to stand the pace. Customers are increasingly expecting self-service access to accurate information, rather than making calls or sending multiple emails for a specific information. With Acuvate’s Customer Extranet Portal, you can give them access to the related information avoiding delays due to overstuffed inboxes or long call waits.

Extranets signify the highest level of maturity in an organization’s collaboration initiatives. They help in faster collaboration, efficient business process management and also open new revenue channels. Be it your customers, vendors or partners, SharePoint’s powerful features provide the best platform to bring your extranet to life. Our customer portal offerings is a ideal collaboration tool for communication, collaboration , data management and business process automation.

In addition to be able to differentiate yourself from others, by better serving your customers information needs, Acuvate’s Customer portal software also benefits an organisation with reduced support costs, enhance ROI, create personalization, more financial visibility and build better relationships.

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Functional Features

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order management

Order Management

  • Get Quotes
  • Place Orders
  • Draft Orders
  • Order Templates
  • Track Orders
  • Search Orders
  • Order fulfilment
  • 360° view of order

Finance Management

  • Finance Dashboards
  • Finance Reports
  • View Invoices, payments, Credit Limits, etc.
  • View by Company Code

Communicate & Collaborate

  • Announcements
  • Promotions
  • Discussion forums
  • Gamification
  • Self Service
Contract management

Contract Management

  • Search Contracts
  • View Contract Information

Delivery Management

  • Search Deliveries
  • Track Deliveries

Other Services

  • Master Data Management
  • Self Service User Management

Our Customers Around The World

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Non Functional Features

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ERP Integration

  • Services for ERP Integration (Real time)
  • SAP, Oracle, CRM, etc.
  • Industry specific Line of Business (LOB) Applications, Integration ready.

Highly Configurable

Features and Instances are configurable by

  • Country
  • Sales Organizations
  • Customer


  • Bookmark favorite contracts
  • Bookmark favorite actions
  • User specific content (Announcements, News, Promotions, etc)
  • Notifications for important events on the portal

Rich User Experience

  • Mobile ready thru Responsive UI design
  • No further investment required for Mobility

Global Rollout Readiness

  • Multi Geo
  • Multi Language
  • Multi-Currency configurable


  • Detailed Portal Usage Reports
  • Export search results
  • Download Finance Reports


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Case studies

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Constratction image v1
One of the World’s largest Cement Manufacturer has automated their Customer Process using Acuvate’s Customer Portal Solution.
consumer good v1
Acuvate has helped a large Textile manufacturing company to deliver its B2B portal.
Finance DPT v1
Acuvate has been maintaining B2B and B2C portal of a large lending, asset management, wealth management and Insurance focused company from past 5+ years.

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