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More than two-thirds of enterprise data remains unstructured.
Acuvate’s Insights Engine helps you understand, manage and
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insights engine
Type of Challenge
Rot Data
About Challenge
  • Rot data represents the unused, redundant and duplicate data within your enterprise.
  • It decreases the overall organizational data quality, leading to inconsistencies in databases, additional costs for storage and inaccurate decision-making.  
  • With the growth of unstructured data, the amount of rut data is set to explode.

Type of Challenge
Dark Data
About Challenge
  • This is the concealed, undiscoverable and lost enterprise data. It gets built during regular business activities and is not utilized for other purposes.
  • Gartner predicts that by 2020, less than 10% of organizations will find value in “dark data”
  • Enterprises are not only facing the risk of under-utilized data but also violating compliances like GDPR.
  • Illuminating dark data with manual tagging, classification and metadata generation involves high costs and resources and is error-prone.

Type of Challenge
Fragmented Data
About Challenge
  • An average enterprise today has numerous SaaS apps and databases that are logically connected and physically disconnected.
  • Traditional enterprise search solutions are unable to integrate several external and internal databases. Thereby users can’t find existential information on a single platform.
  • Inability to generate contextual results and understand the natural language of queries is another shortcoming of most enterprise search solutions.
  • Knowledge workers spend an average of 2.5 hours every week finding the information they need within their enterprises, says an IDC report.

The Three Pillars of our Insights Engine

Our solutions generate the most powerful results when used as a single Insights Engine. They are equally effective when used as a stand-alone options as well.

Eliminate Rut Data. Illuminate Dark Data. Connect Fragmented Data.

rot data

What is it

Solution to analyze and eliminate rot data

What can it do

  1. Analyzes data sources and isolates redundant and unused data
  2. Take corrective action for each type of data


  1. Increase data discovery by at least 10%
  2. Helps you understand your data and eliminates rot data
AI based lexical analysis bot
dark data

What is it

Dynamic metadata generation solution

What can it do

  1. Auto generates metadata
  2. Provides taxonomy recommendations
  3. Automates data tagging, classification and organization


  1. Make dark data discoverable and improve decision-making
  2. Achieve compliance with GDPR and other regulatory requirements.
  3. Reduce costs and dependency on humans for metadata generation.
Cognitive Enterprise Search
fragmented data

What is it

Enterprise search solution powered by AI and cognitive technologies

What can it do

  1. Connects all internal and external data sources.
  2. Understands natural language queries of users.
  3. Provides contextual search results.


  1. Increase knowledge worker productivity by reducing the time needed to find information.
  2. Improved decision-making.
  3. Enhance employee experience.

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