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Intranet, Social and collaboration platforms have been around for a few years and slowly they are becoming a necessity for every enterprise. Organizations are looking at it to be the key communication channel for their employees and help them create a culture of sharing and transparency. Gartner has classified it as a key force in their “nexus of forces” definition.

Roll out of collaboration platform in an organization is more of a cultural roll-out rather than a technical one and it needs to be handled accordingly. While industry sectors such as IT/ITES have shown greater zeal to adopt collaboration platforms, some of the other industries like Manufacturing have been a bit sluggish with the adoption. One primary reason being, no access to laptop/desktop to a large of number of employees throughout their working day.

Keeping this in mind, Acuvate’s Innovation lab has come up with a concept of “Intranet TV”. The concept is analogous to any other TV channel concept. Our solution works just like a “New Channel Network”. You can define any number of news channels such as

Get a ready to deploy Intranet in 4 to 6 Weeks
Reception Live

Targeted towards visitors, displaying corporate updates, hiring updates etc.

Cafeteria Live

Targeted towards employees, displaying internal content.

Executive Plus

Channel meant for Senior Executives for them to run it on a TV in their cabins and stay informed about what is happened in the firm.

Factory Channel

Channel for Factory workers keeping them updated on production statistics and safely related best practices.

Your corporate communication team can control the channels being shown at various locations and providing a true TV channel experience to your employees.


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Suitable For

  • All organizations interested in increasing Intranet adoption Return on Investment.

Return on Investment

  • Wider reach
  • Employee experience enhancement​


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