Enjoy end-to-end fleet visibility and seamless machine-to-machine (M2M) communication with Acuvate’s Fleet Management Solution Admin January 10, 2023

Enjoy end-to-end fleet visibility and seamless
machine-to-machine (M2M) communication with

Acuvate's Fleet Management Solution

60% of companies don’t leverage the power of data to explore fleet management capabilities.

Siloed data. Difficulty scaling fleet-related operations. Being caught unaware of incidents like accidents, traffic jams, and theft. Compromised overall fleet effectiveness. Manual follow-ups from fleet managers, supervisors, and drivers hamper the accuracy, speed and scale of business processes. There is also no effective way to predict ETA, track fuel consumption and route status.

But there’s more. Tracking asset performance and deliveries become unsystematic and lead to a lack of customer trust. Poor quality or absence of sharp reporting capabilities, insights, and dashboards increase ambiguity and are detrimental to organizational goals.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg of challenges cropping from traditional fleet management solutions. Are you ready to face these consequences and constraints in the short and long run?

seamless vehicle diagnostics
Enter Acuvate's IoT-enabled Fleet Management Solution: A one-click tool for 360⁰ fleet visibility, seamless vehicle diagnostics, and tracking work orders

Acuvate's Fleet Management Solution helps fleet owners monitor assets, gain insights into cost and fuel economy, and monitor driver performance.

It is designed to aid smooth vehicle assignment, send timely alerts, and enable seamless integrations with existing tools.

Leverage the power of modernized fleet
Leverage the power of modernized fleet maintenance, optimized service calls, and timely alerts

Acuvate’s Fleet Management Solution enables fleet owners to perfect their delivery processes, boost engine performance, perform fuel efficiency analysis, improve vehicle routing and tracking, and ensure driver safety.

Fleet management becomes simple with Acuvate's intelligent IoT intervention.

This IoT-enabled solution with telematics and data analytics superpowers is designed to provide real-time information to stakeholders and streamline fleet maintenance.

Track up-to-the-minute details of your vehicles and equipment, among a world of other benefits

Make informed decisions and get access to vehicle health-related data and maintenance logs
Leverage AI & ML logarithms to track driver performance, idle time, drunk driving, steep acceleration and other road safety alerts
Sync odometers and geo-location data through OBD-II and ECUs to streamline asset location and manage alerts
Remotely monitor cargo, prevent thefts and meet delivery specifications and timelines
Import fuel consumption data to prevent pilferage and waste
Address defects in odd assets and improve asset and fleet performance

A leading logistics company improved fuel efficiency by 2.5%, amounting to 100,000 gallons, saving US $350,000 per annum.

Capturing fleet data and meeting 100% assured delivery timelines for customers is possible with Acuvate’s Fleet Management Solution.

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Fleet Management
IoT can significantly facilitate real-time, insight-led, and cost-effective decisions for logistics operators, fleet managers, and drivers & help safeguard the fleet and enhance the vehicles’ overall competency.
IoT-based asset management helps in collecting real production & inventory data, reducing waste, & shortening cycle times. Discover the benefits & how various industries are leveraging IoT to make smart decisions & ensure uninterrupted operations.
IoT is becoming the de-facto technology for real-time tracking, warehousing, & fleet management. With IoT, companies can monitor fleet’s health, predict patterns, prevent vehicle breakdowns, & ensure driver safety.

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