Let there not be any
“DARK DATA” in your enterprise!

CIOs struggle with deriving right value from their content, because organizations do not understand the information assets they have. Metadata is a critical vehicle to describe, classify, discover and manage your assets. But it is cumbersome, expensive, and error-prone to create it manually as no two humans comprehend content in the same way.

Not surprisingly, a majority of the content is often hidden or lost. This results in ill-informed decision making and missed opportunities.


Did you know

According to IDC, a typical enterprise with 1,000 knowledge workers wastes $2.5 million – $3.5 million per year:

  • Searching for nonexistent information
  • Failing to find existing information
  • Recreating information that can’t be found

Using Lexico, you can automate metadata generation, enabling documents and unstructured content to be catalogued accurately, therefore ensuring higher information discovery. Employees spend less time trying to find information, allowing them to consume and apply the right information when it is needed most.

How does metadata benefit your organization

Metadata is data that describes your raw data in the context of your business, and makes your raw data usable.
roved Decision
Improved Decision Making
Risk Identification and Mitigation
Risk Identification and Mitigation
Better Content Discovery
Better Content
Improved Agility

An organized process of enterprise metadata management (EMM) has the potential to offer benefits beyond the structured world of information. It can tap into unstructured data and shine the light on valuable dark data from different data sources.

Why Auto tag your documents

Average cost of manually tagging one item runs from $4 – $7 per document and does not factor in the accuracy of meta tags nor the repercussions from mis-tagged content.  – Hoovers

For an organization with 500 GB of content, this translates to a cost ranging between $3.2 million – $5.6 million for manually tagging content, without taking into consideration accuracy and correctness of the tagging activity .

Saves time
Ensures accuracy
Maximizes productivity
Eliminates errors
Enrich documents with context and relevancy
Better Analytics
Enable better search
Reduce cost

Lexico – An AI based lexical analysis bot

Lexico simplifies Enterprise Metadata Management (EMM) by generating metatags.  The metadata generated is referenced with the enterprise taxonomy that contains your business terms; making the content easily discoverable and usable.

Transform your enterprise taxonomy into a living and breathing entity that automatically evolves along with your business. Lexico provides taxonomy term recommendations using advanced ML techniques to learn how documents and content are used in your system.

By leveraging the intelligence of most used tags across the system, it also provides recommendations on improving the refiners used for enterprise search, thereby improving the effectiveness of your search and further reducing the time required to find information.

Benefits of using Lexico

Metadata Generation
  • Lexical analysis using AI and ML techniques
  • Configure predefined rules to extract information such as PII, PCI, PHI
  • Metadata recommendation in the context of the enterprise taxonomy
Content Intelligence
  • Eliminate duplicate documents by using Lexicos similar document feature
  • Keep your enterprise taxonomy up-to-date using Lexico’s taxonomy recommendation
  • Define governance rules to manage specific content types
Touch Points

Interact with Lexico using multiple touchpoints

  • Cortana – Audio enabled
  • Chatbots – Skype for business, Teams
  • Classic – Web, Email
Acuvate Lexico Bot makes your data curation process a breeze!

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