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The break-neck pace at which data is exploding is posing challenges to the analytics industry.  With all this data at the disposal, why are consumer goods company still taking decisions on gut?  It’s solely not about what you have – the question is what are the enterprises doing with this accumulated data.  Are they analyzing it / continuing to reevaluate it and creating digital feedback loops?

One of the biggest data sources for the FMCG industry is Nielsen reports. The analyst team helps build reports on the Nielsen data using Excel spreadsheets and Macros. However, this isn’t the most effective way as the analysts are ideally expected to spend time on analyzing the information rather than creating reports.

Also integrating in-house sales and financial data into the spreadsheets is a complex task. The resultant reports lack the drill-down ability from a data point to arrive at a decision and demand visiting endless no of worksheet tabs for the same.

Increase your Market Share and Maximize Nielsen’s Investment using Acuvate’s Nielsen Analytics. Turn Nielsen Data into actual Information helping your Sales and Marketing teams with better insights. for making the right decisions using Powerful Dashboards. Our solution includes a data model and is ETL ready. This allows integration of the Nielsen data into DataMart and prebuilt reports using advanced visualization capabilities.

Analysts can ask also natural language questions like:
Show Top Gaining Brands for the Year 2015
Show Market Share by US vs Competitor as Pie Chart

They can get answers to the above questions without having to rely on a developer to build new reports. The self service BI capability allows you to integrate internal data from your LOB systems for better insights. This allows more agility in using Nielsen data inhouse. Eliminate dependency on a time consuming and expensive service for you to make decisions on improving your market share.

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Integrate Nielsen data with internal information like sales , finance etc..

Read to deploy data model

Mobile BI Enabled

Self Service BI

Ask Natural Language Questions “ Show top Losing Brands “

Prebuilt reports for Market Share and Growth metrics, etc.. based on value and volume.

Can support multiple reporting platforms like Microsoft, Qlik, Birst, etc.

Suitable For

  • FMCG

Return on Investment

  • Enhanced Market Share.
  • Better Decision Making.
  • Maximize Nielsen Investment.
  • Integrate internal sales and financial data from your LOB systems.

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