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Acuvate Optimum is a suite of proprietary tools, processes and methodologies that assist any SharePoint to SharePoint migration. Leverage our extensive migration experience to make your migration predictable and successful.

80% of the fortune 500, leverage SharePoint for their enterprise collaboration and 83 % of companies using Microsoft SharePoint depend on it for document management.

The question is are those documents accessible? Are you in line with the transforming digital workspaces? Upgrading from old versions of SharePoint and consolidating content repositories seem complex? Worried about pre-migration checks? Does your document sound intelligent with metadata?

Secure your information assets in the new consolidated environment using the game changing Optimum tool. Improve your information architecture and functionality according to your changing collaboration workspaces using this tool. Provide your business with incredible productivity boost with Acuvate’s Optimum experience.

Our Offerings

SharePoint On Prem

SharePoint On-Prem
Vs Online

Are you unable to decide if you should stay on premise or go online? Use Optimum to make your decision – in 4 hours!
Optimum helps you to evaluate on eight parameters – TCO, Infrastructure Maintenance, Business Continuity, Customization, Information Security, Compliance, Storage Options, and Platform Upgrades. Choose your priorities in each of these parameters, and arrive at an objective score instantaneously.

Risk Identification

Risk Identification And Mitigation

Identify the migration risks, and mitigate them. Optimum scans your current SharePoint landscape and identifies all risks, and suggests appropriate mitigation options.

Have you considered the risk of migrating third party web parts as-is? Or, the risk of not implementing a content clean-up strategy before migrating? One of the key success factors for a migration is identifying the risks involved, and mitigating them before they become issues. Upwards of 70% of migrations run into bottlenecks due to latent risks.

assessment and planning

Complexity Assessment And Planning

Whatever might be your data size – gigabytes or terabytes – use Optimum to assess the complexity of the data involved. And let Optimum suggest to you the optimal migration paths.

From our experience, while assessing the complexity of the migration, Pareto principle typically applies to the source environment. Most of the complexity is concentrated around minority of the site collections/sites. Identifying such sites and strategizing their migration enhances the overall predictability and the success rate.

Business Value

Enhance Business Value

Use Optimum suite of tools to identify fresh possibilities with your new platform. In addition to value from migration, derive value from new initiatives that Optimum can recommend for you – be it Yammer rollouts or Delve adoption!

Get our recommendations on a host of value drivers such as new use cases, appropriate taxonomy, information discovery strategies, self-service capabilities, social-enablement, and so on.

Timelines approximation

Cost & Timelines Approximation

Are you worried that your migration will cost you a fortune? Optimum will assist you in approximating the migration cost and the timelines involved.

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Suitable For

  • All organizations interested to improve collaboration and manage organizational knowledge.

Return on Investment

  • Continuous Collaboration
  • Constant Employee Engagement
  • Employee Self-sufficiency
  • Content Governance and Compliance

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