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Acuvate’s social media sentiment analysis tool helps you measure the sentiment around your brand in the social world. Learn how your customers and prospects across locations, languages and genders are feeling about your brand. 

Understand whether the sentiment is positive or negative across a wide range of digital platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Reddit. Use social data to run targeted marketing campaigns, improve PR, drive sales, perform in-depth market research, and enhance customer service.

 Our tool leverages AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing to harness and analyze unstructured social data.

Key use cases of social sentiment analysis



Learn how your brand and campaigns are being perceived by different types of audience. Leverage social data to run targeted and personalized advertising campaigns for the right audience at the right time and location.


HR & Recruitment

Analyze your employer reputation and learn how it’s impacting your recruitment efforts. Find candidates searching for your desired role. Track employee engagement.


Brand Management

Measure the success of your new product or service and get quick customer feedback. Learn which features or capabilities resonate with your audience. Identify new opportunities and areas of improvement for existing products/services.



Social listening helps you identify qualified  leads with buyer intent. Learn how customers of your competitors are feeling about their offerings.


Market Research

Perform extensive market research with real-time social sentiment data. Get in-depth insights about new markets and competitors’ offerings. Explore opinions and feelings of people on any social or business aspect across demographics, languages, genders etc.


Customer Service

Improve customer experience by swiftly identifying and helping out people expressing dissatisfaction with your business offerings. Gather customer insights and feedback and learn what customers like or dislike about your product/service.


Public Relations

A small negative conversation in social media can spread like a wildfire and damage your brand image. Our tool helps you monitor real-time negative sentiment by analyzing a predefined set of keywords and sends immediate alerts if there is a sudden spike in the volume of keywords you’re tracking. Avoid any potential PR crisis by nipping the problem at the bud.


Voter Insights
(for political organizations)

Understand the emotions of potential voters towards you and your political opponents. Analyze audience reaction and measure the sentiment of voters towards you.  Identify key issues in different constituencies. Run targeted ads based on social insights.

Case study

A Fortune Consumer Goods Company Reduces Advertising Costs by 5% with Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Business objectives

A global consumer goods manufacturer wanted to run targeted advertising campaigns for its health products like cough syrup and tablets and reduce marketing costs.

Our solution

With Acuvate’s help, the company harnessed Twitter data sets with keywords like “runny nose”, “cough”, “fever”, “flu” etc. along with disease forecast, past sales and weather data. This analysis helped them identify locations where people are more likely to catch a cold or flu and run targeted advertisements.


– 5% Reduction in advertising costs

– 3% Increase in sales

analytics image

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Important Features of our Social Media Sentiment Analysis Tool


Gauge Brand Health

Monitor the overall brand health by measuring the total positive and negative sentiments towards your brand. Identify people with extreme sentiments – both positive and negative.


High-Quality Data

Get access to real-time data from numerous social and digital platforms in multiple languages and formats (text and image).


Real-Time Alerts

Set and get instant alerts if there is any sudden spike in a particular sentiment, brand health, keyword volume etc. Take action before a customer’s complaint goes fully viral


Artificial Intelligence

Social and digital data is largely unstructured. Upon data integration, our solution uses AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing to transform this raw data into meaningful audience insights. We perform sentiment analysis with Python and R.


Intuitive Dashboards

User adoption is critical for the success of any technology. Easy-to-filter dashboards of our tool help you conveniently drill-down sentiment analysis by time, location, language, platform etc. Advanced visualizations, graphics, and analysis charts simplify information consumption.

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