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A Glimpse Of Our Offerings

AI &

Bots are the new apps!
Build custom AI-Powered chatbots for your enterprise to create smarter business workflows, improve employee productivity, reduce operational costs, and enhance decision-making.
Gartner predicts that by 2021, 50% of enterprises will spend more per annum on chatbot creation than traditional mobile app development! Get the early adopter advantage today!

Modern Intranets

Gone are the days when the intranet is just a glorified shared folder or central repository.
The 21st century digital workplace demands the usage of a modern intranet for better employee collaboration, communication, engagement and content management.
Acuvate’s Mesh comes with advanced features like chatbots, cognitive enterprise search, analytics and more to solve your adoption challenges and boost ROI.

Data & Analytics

Data is the new oil in today’s business world!
Acuvate’s Data & Analytics services and solutions are created for one sole purpose – to create a culture of analytics in your organization and make insight-driven decision-making a reality.
From BI strategy setting to master data integration to mobile BI to introducing advanced analytics we have done it all. Whatever we do is to make data work for you, where to start is up to you.

Idea Management

Drive innovation from within your organization!
Your Employees are your greatest resource for getting answers to complex business challenges and generating fresh ideas.
Wave is an Idea management tool which leverages the best of SharePoint and Office 365 applications to capture, evaluate and select the best ideas from your workforce. Transform ideas into powerful business outcomes today!