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Essential Apps For Enterprises In The New Normal

Fighting Pandemic Disruption

Major Challenges During Pandemic Crisis

Operational Continuity


Safety ​Compliance ​icon

Tracking Employee Well Being

Remote Grievance Handling

Remote Grievance Handling

Employee Collaboration


Maintaining Social Distancing icon

Maintain Social Distancing

Admin Management Of Real Estate

Admin Management Of Real Estate

Increased Service Desk Queries

Increased Service Desk Queries

Increased TTF Durations

Increased TTF Durations

Need For 24 7 Support Availability

Need For 24/7 Support Availability

Demand Volatility


Changing Customer Buying Patterns

Changing Customer Buying Patterns

Economic Slow Down

Economic Slow

Topping The List Of The Biggest Struggles With Working Remotely Is – Communication & Collaboration – State Of Remote Work Survey 2020

Crisis Communication App

Crisis Management Suite

Still dependent on a traditional and custom apps for communication to aid remote work? Now is the time to shift to leveraging enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP) like the Microsoft Power Platform (Power Apps). Our crisis management suite equips organizations to quickly assist employees, track their health and improve collaboration.
Our offering around this Microsoft crisis communication application is wrapped up with engaging features like virtual agents, etc. We are facilitating a quicker setup and cost-effective ongoing support. 

Eg: Employee Health and Safety, SOS Helpdesk, Line Manager Action Item tracker, ERT Mgmt App, New Forms for Customers, vendors, partners etc.

Workplace Management Suite

Gartner Business Continuity Survey Shows “As organizations prepare for the return to work, one thing is very clear: social distancing will be a workplace reality for an extended period. More than 80% of real estate leaders project 12-18 months (or more) of social distancing in the workplace.”

After weeks and months of lock down, employees are slowly returning to offices. The discussion is now shifted from self isolation to social distancing. How do we ensure back to work strategies while ensuring social distancing?

Seat allocation becomes an archaic system of spreadsheets and notes or free-for-all arrangement. To address this, we have come up with an essential app for workplace management which has an end to end contact less seating allocation application. Its quick time to deploy and cost-effectiveness has excited enterprise stalwarts.

Key Highlights:

  • 1-2 weeks of deployment
  • Set workflow for auto/manual allocation
  • Available on mobile, teams and as a standalone application
  • QR code Epass generation
  • Admin App to scan QR code ensuring contact less entry
Social distancing app


A Return To Workplace Checklist For HR Leaders

Digital Virtual Assistants

Create intelligent virtual agents to reduce the number of queries fielded to resolve customer issues/ employee queries quickly using Microsoft Power Virtual Agents.

Eg: HR Helpdesk, Customer Service Bots, Employee safety bot, Healthcare assessment bot, etc.

Sales And Marketing Reporting

Track shifts in consumer behavior and progressively utilize stages that help identify and track the most profitable SKUs. Grow market share by understanding the changing customer buying pattern.

Integrate both internal and external data sources to understand changing customer buying pattern. Use the best of AI to visualize the outcome of advertisement, promotion, and campaign strategies. Augment last-mile capabilities by utilizing bots that help in capturing and retrieving of information.

Supply Chain Analytics

Make informed business decisions by tracking various KPIs and metrics. Access relevant operational dashboards to track key information. Get real-time analytics facilitating end-to-end visibility, collaboration, agility, and optimization tracing supply chain efficiencies.

Ensure Product Availability of the SKU’s which will bring in most revenue in the new normal. Extract AI enabled dashboards for key exec like Demand Shift and Accuracy Reports, P & L Dashboards, Stock Risk, etc.

Create operational dashboards for line managers to derive strategic, tactical, or informational data tailored to your needs. 

Eg: Truck planning and utilization, stock risk and DC planning, asset utilization and re-configuring, must stock list and ideal stock cover, supply chain mapping.

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