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Medical transcription solution

Take care of your patient while we take care of the documentation!

Unlocking AI-driven medical transcription for seamless and focused patient care!

Accurate documentation of conversations between patients and healthcare providers, including surgeons, physicians, and medical practitioners, forms the backbone of diagnoses, treatment planning, and critical care. However, medical documentation is not only expensive and time-consuming but also takes the practitioners’ attention away from the patient, thereby hindering compassionate care.

Enter Acuvate’s AI-driven medical transcription technology — an accurate, HIPAA-compliant, 100% secure, and reliable solution for transcribing patient notes between interactions and after-hours.

medical transcription for seamless and focused patient care

Driven by state-of-the-art AI, machine learning, and cloud technology, our medical transcription solution caters to a plethora of primary and secondary care areas and transcribes vital medical information, including diagnoses, medical procedures, the current state of the patient, and medicine names, with manual approvals, along with identifying and extracting relevant clinical information. The key benefit is to dramatically improve clinical documentation accuracy, reduce turnaround time (TAT), and save clinical costs.

The global medical transcription software market will reach USD 4.89 BILLION by 2027!

See how we are helping our healthcare clients improve productivity with advanced
AI-powered medical transcription

High-quality transcription

High-quality transcription

Spend more time with patients with fast and complete clinical transcription. Our solution intelligently extracts and summarizes relevant and actionable medical information.

accuracy with best-in-class technology

95%+ accuracy with best-in-class technology

Out-of-the-box solution with 95%+ accuracy in the transcription of patient data.

Flexible integrations with multiple EHR apps

Easy integration with multiple EHR apps like Epic Haiku, Cerner PowerChart Touch for faster recording and transcription.

Telemedicine made easy with audio

Telemedicine made easy with audio/video transcription

Telehealth made easy with automated transcription for audio and video patient-doctor consultations.

AI-based analytical insights

Advanced tools like Vertex AI and AutoML leverage intelligent algorithms for knowledge discovery from transcribed data.

Custom workflows support

Custom workflows support easy edits

Use customized workflows to review and edit the transcribed text before it is saved

With 60% cost benefits to lower the cost of ownership

Our competitive pricing model optimizes transcription Opex, rendering up to 60% cost benefits.

HIPAA compliant solution for complete security and compliance

Acuvate’s solution is HIPAA compliant, giving you complete control over where and how data is stored.

Our solution ensures patient information is always “First-time Right!”

High Accuracy Transcription
High Accuracy Transcription

High-quality speech-to-text technology Pre-trained medical models

Knowledge Repository of Transcripts

Big Query warehouse Cognitive Search

Multi-language support​

Translation from multiple languages to English text Translation service

Transcribe from any EHR app
Transcribe notes and conversations

Transcribe what’s dictated by a medical professional, or conversations between patient and doctor

Live and recorded transcriptions
Live and recorded transcriptions

Real-time transcription to avoid delays; transcribe recorded audios when live conversations are not available.

Manual intervention workflows

Approved workloads to edit or process transcribed text

Transcribe from any EHR app

Cloud-first solution to start easy transcriptions from an EHR app of choice

Real-time alerts and reports

Our solution configures alerts for pre-defined terms

Downstream BQ & Vertex AI analytics

Generate insights from data with a complete suite of analytics and machine learning tools.

Admin Management Console

Configure and control the entire solution using a comprehensive admin management console

Trusted by the best

200+ enterprises worldwide including several Fortune 500

Why should you choose Acuvate’s medical transcription solution?

Ready to Deploy Solution

with built-in templates
and scripts

Out-of-the-box integration with Haiku and PowerChart

to trigger the dictation process

Transcribe diverse accents

using our speech-to-text technology to improve accent detection while transcribing

Custom integrations with

a cloud-first and open platform that can combine patient records and transcription information to uncover new insights.

Keyword-based alert system

BI and Analytics

Request Ready-to-use

history, physical, consultation, operative, and discharge reports in near real-time

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Medical transcripts are used by hospitals to provide excellent patient care but manual transcription is costly & time-consuming. AI-driven technology that automates transcription across the entire healthcare system is the need of the hour. An automated medical transcription solution serves a variety of primary and secondary care areas by transcribing vital medical information.


Data modernization can help healthcare organizations deliver effective care and discover new and sustainable means to improve efficiency across the patient lifecycle. Explore different use cases & benefit of data modernization in eads the Google Cloud Computing Practice at Acuvate and is set on a mission to scale the GCP practice globally.


Clinical trial data scientists can collect data in real-time more efficiently by utilizing centralized monitoring and CDISC standard datasets. Advanced analytics can also enable better strategic and operational decisions in clinical trials. It enables study managers to conduct in-depth data analysis and review by allowing continuous supervision of the study.

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