Automate Workflows, Improve Field Visibility and Address Sustainability Goals with Acuvate Inspection App Admin November 30, 2022

Automate Workflows, Improve Field Visibility and Address Sustainability Goals with Acuvate Inspection App

Modernize your critical field operations, bridge the gap between the field and the cubicle, and address exigencies in real-time

Digitize your organization’s inspection processes and empower your frontline employees and managers to effectively manage, plan, inspect, report and collaborate. Eliminate the tediousness of manual data collation. Save significant time and effort and keep frontline workers in sync with evolving needs.

All at the click of a button on the Inspection App’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Pave the way for robust enterprise collaboration with the zero-carbon Inspection App

Standardize report formats for accurate data collection. Improve intra & inter-departmental, field & cubicle collaboration. Address sustainability goals with the intelligent Inspection App built on Microsoft Technology Stack. Achieve:

  • 80% time-savings
  • 7x paper savings, up to 75k sheets per year
  • 70% reduction in Total Cost of Operations
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Actionable insights from Dark Data
zero carbon Inspection App

Track on-field challenges on the go with the holistic Inspection App

Experience hassle-free collaboration and quick reporting between parties and ensure a higher rate of employee collaboration across departmental barriers. Dynamic custom dashboards provide senior officials and supervisors with real-time reporting of ground activities.

The Acuvate promise:

  • Quick time-to-market (2-4 weeks)
  • Cost-optimization by leveraging existing Microsoft 365 and Azure investments
  • Actionable insights from dark data
  • Auto assigning of inspections jobs to field workers
  • Instant access to records (like previous violations)
  • Error-free reporting drilled down to individual facilities, zones and inspectors

Reduce dependency on IT Teams. Address red flags without a hitch with a low-code app

With Acuvate & Microsoft Power Platform build intuitive Inspection Apps for your unique use cases.

  • Custom-form templates and process flows
  • Image capture annotations for inspections records and evidence
  • GPS-enabled location tracking
  • Customized dashboards for real-time reporting
  • Seamless integration with Teams and third-party platforms like Payment Gateway and others, depending on your inspection use cases
  • Appointment Management
  • End-to-End Inspection Management.

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A metropolis body pumping 1.2 gallons of water and supplying to more than 8 million people every day achieved 100% data integrity, witnessed up to 80% time savings and saved over 75,000 sheets of paper annually with Acuvate’s Inspection App.

Unlock innovation with Acuvate by your side

Acuvate, a global player in next-generation digital solutions & services with 16+ years of experience. We bring new-age technology solutions to untangle everyday operational complexities and attain a 360-degree view of your enterprise functioning. We modernize, automate and transform enterprise applications & enable our clients globally to steer their digital transformation strategy using Cloud, Data & AI.

Become an agile, responsive organization and deliver an enhanced employee experience with Acuvate’s unique solutions. Bridge the gap between the field and the cubicle with your very own Inspection App.