Crowdsourcing innovation platform

“By 2018, crowdsourcing will constitute 20% of all enterprise application development sourcing initiatives.” – Gartner

“By 2018, 75% of the world’s high performing enterprises will
be using crowdsourcing” – Gartner

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WAVE – Crowdsourcing Innovation Platform

The brightest ideas come right from your employees! Capture every idea and drive the change influencing your organization’s growth.

WAVE, a crowdsourcing innovation platform, helps you to gather and surface ideas and solutions from your employees. It facilitates a robust crowdsourcing system with a dynamic framework to create business challenges and carve a sustainable pool of solutions.

It includes unique crowdsourcing features like idea upvoting, liking, commenting, reviewing filter and capturing the finest ideas.

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Benefits of Crowdsourcing Platform


Crowdsourcing platform creates an inclusive workplace environment to collaborate employees together for contributing ideas and finding solutions towards a common goal for business growth.


Recognizes and rewards employee’s for their contribution in finding solutions for the business challenges and make them feel more valued to create and capitalize on their ideas boosting employee engagement.

Better Quality of

These platforms get the best quality ideas. As it involves CXO’s, mid-level managers and your entire employee-base to contribute and create a large pool of innovative ideas for the business challenges posed.

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Why you should consider Wave as your crowdsourcing innovation platform?

Ideate and Collaborate

It helps in capturing, evaluating, prioritizing and refining the brightest ideas with crowdsourcing features.

Solutions for Business Challenges

Youcan set multiple business challenges and get productive ideas for new business initiatives.

Hasslefree Integration

It can be incorporated into any messaging platform, operating system, social channels, analytics, mobile and cloud environment.

Dashboard and Reporting

It provides a unique report system about the idea status and count of ideas. The dashboard helps in the evaluation of ideas from various perspectives to make an effective decision.

End to end process

It can identify and capture the best ideas and ensures sustainable implementation through an effective, transparent workflow mechanism that includes board voting, performance review and evaluation of business impact.


It engages and encourages employees in idea contribution with gamification elements like rewards, points for ideation, contribution badges, progress bar and many more.

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