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The latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) states that there has been an increase in people travelling to work in the last two months, with fewer working exclusively from home.

A government spokesperson said, “We are working closely with employers across the country to help them make workplaces COVID-secure and give people the confidence to go back to work during the coronavirus pandemic”.

As employees are returning to the workplace in a phase-wise approach, planning a reliable return-to-workplace strategy stands key in formulating a smooth and safe transition. To abide by the regulations like 4 or 6 feet distance, safety gear protection, etc., employers are counting on emerging technologies to make a come back.

Planning and maintaining return to the workplace strategy requires cross-functional collaboration which includes HR, IT, Facilities Management, and Real Estate. 

Including a smart workplace management solution will ensure employee safety and cross-functional communication while not missing on social distancing regulations and compliance.

In this exclusive webinar, we will explore how local and regional government organizations can plan their return to workplace strategy effectively with AI-Powered Return To Workplace App.

Here is what we’ll be discussing in the webinar:

  • Challenges and Opportunities
  • The New Normal: Plan your Return to work strategy
  • Redefine workflow process 
  • Utilize Low Code No Code Platform

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