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live chat support using AI chatbots

Introducing AI chatbots for your website!!

It is estimated that U.S. brands alone lose $41 billion dollars a year due to poor customer service. Implementing AI systems especially chatbots into your website will give you a competitive edge, improving user experience and website conversions.

Chatbots demonstrate an understanding of user needs and complement these needs with quick access buttons and images that depict the options available. Using them, enterprises can answer the repeated questions, collect feedback and also drive the end user engagement.

According to Forrester,  44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer.

Round the clock availability of support staff is always a challenge to organizations. 24/7 automated live chat support for a positive customer experience is boosting chatbots adoption on website

Use Cases

Lead Generation

Instead of traditional marketing and sales techniques that rely on website forms and email follow-ups, conversational interface leverages messaging to build trust, gather information from an end user and deliver business qualified leads


Chatbots have the ability to qualify customers visiting your website by initiating a dialogue and confirm their intent to buy right. They provide answers to the end users queries and cut through the fluff yielding better conversion rates.

User Onboarding

Guide the users thru a first-time experience by automating the onboarding process using conversational interface. Chatbots help in gathering their preferences and contact information to further create a record in your CRM or any supporting tool.

Feedback Collection

Replace monotonous surveys with Chatbot Conversations and get instant and real-time feedback. Different UI elements like single click buttons, carousel, etc can gather user feedback effectively instead of regular survey methods.

Support Automation

Chatbots are the ultimate on-demand customer representatives who answer your questions 24×7. Ensure customer interactions at twice the speed and at a fraction of the cost. Deliver Intelligent, personalized and faster responses using the power of a conversational user interface.

Brand Engagement

Chatbots let users seamlessly interact with right content.
During the interaction, chatbots can redirect the user to the relevant content available and make sure to keep their interest warm. Automate your business operations for visible efficiency gains.

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